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If you are interested in contacting The Intentional Sage personally, please send an e-mail to:

TheIntentionalSage  (at)  gmail  (dot)  com


You can also find “The Intentional Sage” and “Imagine Into Being” on Facebook:

Intentional Sage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Imagine Into Being



The Intentional Sage has also created a list that can be subscribed to for the purposes of connecting. From time-to-time, The Intentional Sage will send out e-mails to stay in contact with the people who subscribe to the Imaginings at Imagine Into Being. Your e-mail address will be treated with the utmost respect, just the same as if/when The Intentional Sage were to meet you in person. Click on the image below (a screenshot of the sign-up page) and enter your information to be part of this list.

In case clicking the above image is proving to be difficult, the link for the sign-up page is: http://imagineintobeing.posterous.com/pages/imagine-into-being-e-mail-subscription



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