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Open Your Eyes November 24, 2010

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Open your eyes to the sky above,
Open your eyes to the Earth below,
Open your eyes to the beauty around,
Open your eyes and the world will flow.

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Unique Snow Falls on the Mountain (continued) November 14, 2010

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(This Imagining is a continuation of the imagining started on May 30th, 2010, and can be found here: Unique Snow Falls on the Mountain)

Vaskal, still on his side and looking at the various snow crystals, wondered what these new discoveries really meant to him. He had always considered knowledge to be an important part of his time here in this life, but he never had really considered knowledge acquisition to be part of his trips up the mountain. Now that he was where he was, he was trying to figure out what other kinds of knowledge he had acquired on his times coming up the mountain. Had he gained other knowledge in coming up the mountain? How would he figure it out? What other kind of knowledge could he have gained? Weren’t these trips just for the joy of it?

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Eating with Appreciation for Life October 26, 2010

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She sat and listened as her grandmother explained just how they used to eat in the olden days. Oline (pronounced oh-leen) listened, while her grandmother went on about refrigerators, freezers, ovens, microwaves, food processors, blenders, crock-pots, and an assortment of other kitchen appliances that people used to use. Oline’s eyes were wide with amazement as her grandmother continued to talk about the different ways that people used to eat. The ways that people would, in essence, kill the food of any nutritional value before they even considered eating it. Oline remarked, “but why, grandmother, why would they pollute their food?”

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Appreciating the Beauty Abound September 20, 2010

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“Long ago,” her grandmother sighed, “people used to be confused by the weather.” Vinolia (pronounced vin-ole-ee-uh) looked puzzled. Her grandmother continued, “not completely confused, but almost distraught when the weather would behave in ways that they didn’t expect. Seasonally, of course, they were able to understand that there were different times of the year where different weather patterns were expected, but when there were times during the year that the weather didn’t obey the ‘laws’ that they thought the weather was supposed to act within, it was quite uneasy making.”

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The Healing Power of Mosquitoes September 15, 2010

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When Shnobi (pronounced shhno-bee) was a young girl, her great-grandparents would always tell her about the wiles of the mosquito. They would describe the body of the insect in great detail and go into a fantastical tale about just how important mosquitoes were to the health of the ecosystems they thrived in. Moreover, her great-grandmother used to talk about the healing power of mosquitoes. Shnobi was not disillusioned by the same sorts of messages that had been spread long before her time. In fact, Shnobi was fortunate to have great-grandparents that let her explore the boundlessness of her own mind.

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