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Here, The Intentional Sage will provide links to purchase resources (via Amazon) and a short commentary about how or why it has helped to shape Imagine Into Being.


Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams
Mike Dooley

The Intentional Sage says: This is one of the quintessential reasons for Imagine Into Being. Mike Dooley, the creator of “Notes from the Universe” and “Totally Unique T-Shirts” takes you through the part in his life when he was not at his best. He explains how he used the power of his thoughts to grow his business and become a leader in the field of the law of attraction. This book will undoubtedly help you on your way to becoming better at getting what you want. There’s no question that this book is one of the main authorities of support as to why Imagine Into Being can be and is.


Vladimir Megre

The Intentional Sage says: This is the first in a series of 9 books by Vladimir Megre that is known as The Ringing Cedars Series. In this series, the author, Vladimir, meets Anastasia who is like no other person you’ve ever heard about. She was born, raised, and still lives in the Russian Taiga. As she has not been subjected to the same enculturation as most people, she has a unique perspective on our society. For instance: the education system. Very early on in the series, Anastasia teaches us about a school in Russia where the students teach themselves. While that may not seem that uncommon to some, note that not only do they teach each other, they learn the entire curriculum, Kindergarten on up through the 12th grade, in one year. Anastasia promotes a more symbiotic relationship with nature, as does Imagine Into Being.

You Can Heal Your Life
Louise L. Hay

The Intentional Sage says: Louise Hay is the queen when it comes to the power of thoughts and words. In the early ’70s, she wrote her first iteration of what has become ‘the list’: columns of dis-eases, underlying cause, and new thoughts to be used replacement. She is still living (as of this writing) into her 80s and is magnificently healthy (having already survived cancer and then thrived beyond it). Her life along with the many people who follow her teachings are just that much more support that our thoughts and words have a major effect on our lives. Another valuable piece of support for Imagine Into Being.


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