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Decisions Made With Nature July 24, 2010

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Today is the day – the day above all others. She had been waiting for this day for quite some time. Milindia (pronounced mel-in-dee-uh) had known it was coming, but now that it was finally here, she wasn’t sure what to do with herself. She had done lots of preparing – lots of thinking about what it would be like when it finally came, but she had never actually thought to consider what she would do when it was actually here. That is to say, she imagined what it would be like, but she didn’t imagine what she would do.

It was all a bit confusing. Milindia had prepared for it… and then she heard the first person. And another, and another. They were starting to arrive! She was so excited! It was hard to contain herself, but she knew that it would be important given the magnitude of the situation. She wanted to make sure things would go right and she would be sure to use her intuition to make sure that it did.

She had prepared places for everyone to sit and pre-picked some of the fruit from the surrounding trees for people to snack on. She greeted each of them as they approached the area and led them to where they were to be sitting. Once everyone was there, Milindia explained to them toe importance of what was happening today and explained to them a little bit about the surrounding area that they were sitting in. She offered them the fruit as a way to satisfy their hunger throughout the meeting and to better get into the feel of what it was like to be in nature. After all, this was the first ever governmental meeting to be hosted in nature. It was a monumental day as Milindia wanted to ensure that meetings like this would continue well on into the future.

She felt that it was important for world leaders to congregate in nature as she felt that it was easier for people to connect to their true selves while in nature. Not only that, she felt that by being in nature, it allowed one’s intuition to better penetrate the surface of one’s conscious mind. By being in nature, it also allowed for a stronger connection with the natural world and let’s be honest, the world leaders were put in their place to help maintain, nay, help to create an environment where humans and nature thrive.

Once the meeting had begun, Milindia made sure not to linger near the area. She didn’t want to influence the leaders in any particular way, even though she kind of did. However, she had oodles of joy just to be the one selected to host this kind of an event. By being the person selected to host this event, she knew the importance behind it. If things didn’t go well, it might be that this kind of a meeting never happened again for a long time. If it went well, it might just be that this becomes somewhat of a norm. World leaders across the globe would begin having their meetings sitting under trees on the soft grass with the warm sun rather than sitting in leather chairs at porcelain tables under fluorescent lights.

Milindia made sure that she was took up a vantage point where she was still able to see what was going on in the meeting. Her curious got the best of her and she just had to know how things were going during the meeting. While she couldn’t hear what was going on, she could still see the smiles on the faces of these influential people.

It was nearing the end of the meeting, at least, Milindia could sense that, so she began to leave her vantage point and make her way back to where the meeting was. As she approached the area, the leaders seemed to have already concluded their meeting as they had stood up and were hugging each other. Milindia was a little taken aback by this, but she hid her surprise well. One of the leaders came over to her and told Milindia just how must they appreciated her hosting this monumental occasion. This particular leader felt that it was a ‘smashing hit’ and that they would definitely be back to have more meetings in nature – hopefully here! Milindia did her best not to gush as she graciously thanked the world leader.

They all began leaving and as they did, each one of them came over and hugged Milindia along with thanking her for hosting the event. Milindia never expected this kind of a reception, but she was over-joyed that the meeting went over so well. As the last leader left, Milindia went over and sat in the circle where history had just been made. She slowly laid back and look up at the sky. A smile broke out over her face and she began to laugh. It happened. It finally happened. She had been dreaming of it her whole life. World leaders having ‘serious’ meetings in nature.

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