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Eating with the Body June 27, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Domeniana (pronounced dough-min-yan-uh) was frolicking through the various fruit trees in the orchard. She was laughing and singing and playing as her feet floated from one patch of grass to the next. She was careful not to step on any of the fruit that had just landed on the ground as she knew that this could be food for some of her animal friends.

Domeniana’s favorite fruit of the orchard was usually apples, but she didn’t want to limit herself to only looking at the apples. She surveyed all the fruit trees that were in the orchard because she wanted to make sure that she was going to eat the fruit that her body was definitely in alignment with for this particular instance. She let her eyes land on the various colors that dotted the trees and allowed her nose to smell the fragrances of the wonderful flowers. She walked slowly and waited for a visceral reaction to a specific area of the orchard and then followed that reaction to a particular tree.

As luck would have it, the tree happened to be full of apples. Domeniana smiled. She looked at the various apples hanging on the tree. She let  her eyes wander from apple-to-apple in trying to find the apple that was just right for eating. As she looked at all the various apples, she noticed one apple that seemed to stand out among the rest. She took a closer look at this apple and attempted to decide what it was that was drawing her to this apple. As she looked closer she noticed that her arms began to move. And as her arms began to move, her hands began to move with them – towards the space under the apple.

Just as Domeniana’s hands reached the space directly below the apple, there was something that happened that she had never seen. The apple fell from the tree right into her hands! It was as if this apple was telling Domeniana that it was exactly the right time to eat it. When this happened, Domeniana was a little shocked at first, but then, from ear-to-ear, a smile broke out over her face. She knew that this was bound to happen at some point, as she was always allowing her intuition and body to lead her when it came to eating. Gone were the days where she would attempt to intellectualize what it was that she was supposed to eat.

Domeniana knew that eating was a process by which the intuition worked in a way of symbiosis with the body to deliver the right nutrition at the right time. This particular time was no different from any of the others, save for the fact that her environment, the tree and the apple, conspired to deliver the food that was to give her the precise nutrition that her body was after.

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