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Quality is Life (continued) November 13, 2010

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(This Imagining is a continuation of the imagining started on July 18th, 2010, and can be found here: Quality is Life)

And it is through this living that one reaches quality. Living life, as Chinwin puts it, was the only way to attain a sense of quality. One could not have quality by subverting one’s desires and wishes. One had to do quite the opposite. One had to be, live, think, do, feel, and act the way one wanted to… this was how one was able to reach this sense that quality is life.

Initially, when people first learned of this virtuous statement, it took some time for them to accept it as truth. Chinwin continued to walk in the space vacated by the electrical tower. He thought, just as it took time for the electrical towers to be removed, it took time for people to realize the inherent truth to the phrase, “quality is life.” It really is, though, isn’t it? I’ve been given this opportunity live on this planet within this body, how is that not quality? How is my life not quality? How could I possibly be anything other than quality?

Living is quality, living is loving, living is life. Chinwin continued to move along the direction where the electrical wires would have connected tower-to-tower. Realizing that he was walking where radiation used to be, and still was to some extent, he quickly remembered that he should cover himself with protection. He stopped for a moment and imagined an impenetrable clear bubble around his body. This bubble was about 1 foot from his physical body and didn’t allow anything to come in that he didn’t want. This bubble would serve as ultimate protection against the residual radiation in the area.

Once his bubble formation was complete, Chinwin opened his eyes and continued to walk the path. Walking this path, he received images of what the Earth felt like when the radiation was stronger. He allowed these images of tasteless food and deformed plants to flow in and out of his conscious awareness. He wanted to really understand and get a visceral sense for what it was like for the Earth, his friend.

The Earth had always been good to Chinwin and he this time he was taking to ‘listen’ to the Earth was an important part of their relationship. When Chinwin went on these walks to listen to the Earth, he wanted to Earth to tell him a story. Most times, the Earth complied with his request. On this particular occasion, Chinwin was interested in the story of the electrical towers and the radiation. Surprisingly, he had never asked for this story and even more surprising was that the Earth had never offered this story. As Chinwin continued to walk the path of residual radiation and receive the images, he was starting to understand why the Earth never openly shared this story.

Had the Earth shared this story with Chinwin before his mind and body were strong, these images may have clouded Chinwin’s own imagination for powerful and yummy food. When Chinwin was younger, his abilities to imagine and manifest health may have been harder to come by had he been bombarded with these negative images. Now that Chinwin has had ample time to get great at imagining positive and wonderful things, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to see these images… to some degree.

The images were still disturbing to Chinwin. He watched in his mind’s eye as the life energy around the plants slowly decreased with the increased power coursing through the veins of the electrical lines. It was still hard to believe for Chinwin that humans would have voluntarily put such harmful creations on the Earth. Didn’t they think of the potential repercussions of their actions? Had they not considered the negative effects these towers and radiation would have?

As Chinwin continued to walk, he got the sense that some action was called for and he knew exactly what to do. Chinwin, using his powerful imaginative skills was going to aid the Earth in its restoration of health. Chinwin looked back at the path he had already walked and quickly connected with it. Upon forging the connection, he continued walking forward on his path and picking up ‘new’ connections in different spots. As these connections were being forged, he was using the power of his imagination. The power of the imagination of Chinwin’s was unrivaled by anything. He used his imagination to envision greatness, health, restoration, and love for the areas that had been affected.

These areas that had longed for the affection of humans was now being granted their wish. These areas, in Chinwin’s imagination, began to flourish. Tall trees, thriving plants, chipmunks and other animals playing. It was a wonderful sight to see in Chinwin’s imagination. He opened his eyes, while still holding his imagination in tact, and he used his eyes to imagine these same things happening, while looking at the places where they were to happen. A powerful imagination, indeed.


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