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Swimming Soothes the Soul (continued) November 11, 2010

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(This Imagining is a continuation of the imagining started on May 26th, 2010, and can be found here: Swimming Soothes the Soul)

Enahsa continued to float on the surface of the water feeling as if she was all-expansive. Feeling as if she was all the water. While her experience was limited to the immediate water she was touch, she wondered if she might be able to feel connected to all the water on all the planet. Bracing herself for what she was uncertain was next, she followed the same line of feeling that allowed her to become one with the water… and then she imagined that she was not just one with the water she was in, but one with all water on all the planet.

Outstanding! It was like nothing she’d ever felt before. She felt all-powerful and all-connected. She felt like she was everywhere and that she was nowhere. She felt like she was covering the Earth and at the same time, none. It was a feeling that was truly remarkable and she was infinitely grateful to feel this kind of deep connection with the water. She undoubtedly loved being in the water and to have this sort of connection with it was uncanny. Enahsa, not wanting the experience to end, but also wanting to move her body, wondered if she could swim and still feel this connection.

Breaking away from her floating, Enahsa began to swim, very gently. She moved forward in the water with no real destination in mind. She just wanted to remain part of this water, part of this connection, and still move her body. She only let her head above water to inhale the precious breath to keep her muscles functioning and allow the rest of her body to remain encapsulated in the water. Swimming in a forward direction and still feeling connected to all water everywhere, Enahsa noticed the shoreline up ahead and that got her thinking.

If I can feel this connected to the water on all the planet, I wonder if I can feel this connected to all the land on the planet, too? Being the kind of person that Enahsa was, she immediately wanted to test her theory. She continued to swim over to the shore. Upon reaching it, she pulled herself out and the water dripped and drizzled off of her body. Shaking her limbs, she accelerated the drying process, but still remained somewhat wet. Quickly, she found a place to lie down and began to relax, just as she did while floating on the water. She relaxed her whole body, from head-to-toe and focused on her breath.

This focusing on her breath helped to accelerate her relaxation process. It was an effective tool she picked up from one of her cousins. Upon reaching a familiar state of relaxation, Enahsa opened her imagination and more specifically, her imagination related to connecting with life. She imagined that through her body that touched the surface of the Earth that she was able to connect with the Earth – become the Earth. Just as she did in the water, Enahsa was able to connect to the Earth! A remarkable feeling!

The Earth felt very different from the water. Where the water was fluid and movable, the Earth felt very firm and rooted. The Earth felt like it was immovable and very powerful. As she had the thought about powerful, her mind flashed to the image of waves crashing into the shore and the power that they bring, so Enahsa clarified her thoughts to mean that the Earth was powerful in and of itself without banding together. An attribute of the feeling of Earth was power, where water was more ‘go with the flow.’

Continuing on with her experiment, Enahsa wanted to feel what it would feel like to be part of the whole land. Slowly getting back out of her thoughts and into her body and into the Earth, she imagined what it would be like to be part of the whole land. Instantly, she was hit with an array of thoughts of all the Earth that is covering the planet. All of the various places on the planet where there is Earth was more than she had originally thought prior to this experiment. She was flashed images of not only the Earth that was above the water, but also the Earth that was at the bottom of the oceans, lakes, and rivers! Enahsa was connected with, in essence, the entire planet!

On the entire planet, there was Earth, even under the water, there was Earth! Everywhere, there was Earth. Everywhere, there was connection. Enahsa, feeling into the power that she was part of, realized what a remarkable thing she had just stumbled into. Not only did she get to enjoy herself and connect with the water, but now she was able to connect with Earth and feel its power… and by extension, connect to the whole planet! Enahsa, smiling to herself, wondered what she would connect with tomorrow.


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