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Follow the Drum and the Eagle (continued) November 9, 2010

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(This Imagining is a continuation of the imagining started on June 5th, 2010, and can be found here: Follow the Drum and the Eagle)

Auminda, visibly shaken from the set of experiences that just happened, sat on the edge of the bed. He reached over and picked up the eagle feather to examine it more closely. Yessiree, it was an eagle’s feather, alright. Had he just imagined all this? Had he really just found an eagle’s feather on his pillow after having that shamanic journey? This was a little spooky, almost too synchronistic for Auminda. He thought that maybe he should call someone. He scooched over closer to the telephone and began to dial.

There was no answer. He wondered where his partner was. Usually at this time, she would have answered the phone. Hmm, maybe he wasn’t supposed to talk to anyone about this. He decided that he needed to go get a bite to eat and then take a walk in the woods.

Auminda made his way down to the restaurant and ordered some lasagna to soothe his stomach. While he was waiting for his order to come up, he went out the back door and into the woods to reflect. He knew his food would be up in 10 or 15 minutes, so he figured that he had some time to look up at the night sky in amongst his friends – the trees.

Looking up at the moon, shining so bright, it was almost as if it was a light that someone had turned on when it got dark. The moon cast a great shadow over some of the trees on the ground. Auminda couldn’t help, but smile. He loved the way nature was with itself… interacting in some of the most creative ways. Honestly, who would have ever thought up to have something like the moon come out at nighttime and create light in the darkness. Auminda continued to let thoughts free-flow.

As these thoughts raced in and out of Auminda, he continued to walk, not for any one particular reason, but just to walk. He found that when he kept his brain engaged in a mundane activity, like walking, it allowed other part’s of his brain to work on other issues. It was a wonderful little tool that Auminda stumbled upon years ago. He realized that he was more creative and used the integrated parts of his brain when he walked – so he kept doing it. Little did Auminda know in 10 to 15 years, science was going to prove this very fact through their rigorous testing. Regardless, Auminda knew it was true for him, so he did it.

During Auminda’s time of walking, he also usually tended to gaze down at the ground. It wasn’t that he was looking at something on the ground, but just that his eyes usually rested, or more accurately, jumped, from thing to thing that lay on the ground. He wasn’t naming the things he was seeing, but instead, was just looking at the things that lay on the ground. While he did this, he hardly ever glanced up to see what was in front of him, which, of course, left him vulnerable to…

“Whoa! Who are you and where did you come from?” Auminda exclaimed as his eyes met those of what looked like a Native American Indian standing in front of him, dressed to the nines in gear that you’d only find a native wearing.

The Indian laughed out loud at Auminda’s exasperation and softly spoke, “You were contemplating the validity of today’s events. Naturally, I am here to help solidify the truth.”

“The truth, what do you mean?”

Pausing for a moment, the Indian replied, “The truth, Auminda, is what you are looking for. It’s why you’ve been coming to shamanic journeys for so long and it’s the reason that you’ve allowed yourself to see me here today. Not everyone is ready for the same level of truth. Today, you reached a level of truth that allowed you to follow a series of synchronicities that led you to seeing me. When you allow yourself to realize that what is happening is in fact very real…”

And the Indian disappeared, right before Auminda’s very eyes. Auminda quickly wheeled around on his heels to see if there was something behind him, to his left, and then to his right. He was gone. This most recent occurrence left Auminda reeling at the possibilities of what today was or what today meant. Why on Earth did I see an Indian in the woods? What the heck is going on?

Auminda heard a voice inside that seemed to answer his questions: “You saw an Indian because you were ready to receive the information in this way. As for what is going on, you heard what the Indian told you, now let it sink in. Let the love that he offered wash over you… and you will figure it out.”



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