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Friends in the Forest (continued) November 8, 2010

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(This Imagining is a continuation of the imagining started on April 16th, 2010, and can be found here: Friends in the Forest)

Freivo and the wolf continued to walk down this new path. Freivo looked down at the wolf walking beside him and the wolf looked back up at him. If wolves could smile, that is what Freivo would have seen because the wolf was exuding joy for his friend, Freivo. Even though Freivo couldn’t see a smile on the wolf’s face, he still knew that he was happy to be in his presence. Freivo knew this because as he looked at the wolf, he could see a pinkish hue around the outside of the wolf. It was almost as if this hue represented a love that the wolf was displaying… a love for Freivo.

And why not. Why wouldn’t the wolf love Freivo? Freivo has only ever been completely respectful and caring for the wolf, giving the wolf every reason to believe that he really believes him to be a friend. Freivo reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of food. He bit off a piece and stopped to chew it a little longer. The wolf stopped in kind to look up at Freivo to see what he was doing. Noticing the Freivo had some food, the wolf wondered if Freivo would give him any.

Seeing that the wolf was clearly interested in having a bit of what Freivo had, Freivo broke off a generous piece and handed it down to the wolf. The wolf quickly swallowed down the food that Freivo gave him and then began to lick Freivo’s shins/calves. This licking that the wolf did was a sign that the wolf approved of what Freivo did, it was a way of the wolf demonstrating his care for Freivo.

Freivo, remembering back to the first time that the wolf licked him, had to laugh. It took him some time to realize what it was that the wolf was doing. At first, he was so confused as to why this animal, why this wolf was licking him. It didn’t compute for Freivo. After some time, he began to tie the correlations together and realize that the licking only seemed to happen when it was that Freivo had done something to warrant or merit approval from the wolf. It was from then on that he realized, when this wolf licked him, the wolf was approving and giving love to him. Freivo began to cherish and appreciate these times when the wolf would lick him.

It was a good thing, too, that Freivo began to appreciate these licks, because little did Freivo know, had he not appreciated the licking, the licks would have stopped. It may sound silly, yes, but had Freivo not understood this communication from the wolf, it is likely that the wolf would have not intentionally crossed paths with Freivo again.

Both Freivo and the wolf finished their food and continued to head on the path. Looking out over where they were going, Freivo noticed that the trees seemed to be breaking. In noticing this, he began to quicken his pace, which was copied by the wolf. Moving through the forest a little quicker, it was almost as if the wolf and Freivo began a series of one-upmanship. Freivo would pull ahead of the wolf and then the wolf would pull ahead of Freivo, with regard to moving quicker through the forest. Continuing around overlaying plants, low-hanging branches, and protruding roots, they were nearing an opening in the forest.

Racing towards the opening in the forest and bursting through the opening, Freivo began to fall… down… and not to the ground. Freivo’s eyes suddenly turned to see what was below him and he soon realized that there was about 20 feet of air between him and a massive lake! Looking to his right, he saw that the wolf had taken the same leap of faith with him and had begun his descent to the lake. Now, with all of this realization happening in the span of mere milliseconds, the speed of life returns to normal and Freivo finds himself in the lake. Kicking his legs out to his side, Freivo reaches the surface. Looking around, he soon finds his friend, the wolf. The two of them together, swim around the lake with delight. They couldn’t think of a better thing to do… than being together.


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