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Glowing in Peace November 7, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Belindri (pronounced bee-len-dree) sitting on a stump started to think about the many colo[u]rs of the Earth. He began to think about red – blood and apples. He wondered what it was about blood that made it red and what about apples made them red. And he wondered, why is it that blood and apples are red and not some other colo[u]r. Red is a very powerful colo[u]r, it represents security, and safety. He also wondered why, way back when, people used to use it as an adjective to describe someone as angry. A strange colo[u]r, indeed.

Then, he started to think about orange – pumpkins, mangoes, and carrots. Another odd colo[u]r. What was it about orange that it gave us the colo[u]r for some important foods to our diet. Fruit and vegetables, for as long as Belindri could remember, made up over half of his daily food intake and there was no doubt, some of those foods were orange. Orange, another potent colo[u]r, represents sexuality. Like red, orange is a very emotional colo[u]r.

Then, Belindri looked up at the sky and noticed the sun. Many people interpreted the sun as a yellow beacon of light in the sky. Many people also think the moon to have a tinge of yellow, along with the many stars that dot the dark night. Of all the colo[u]rs, why yellow? Why is yellow the colo[u]r that represents light? Oddly enough, yellow is also the colo[u]r that is mostly correlated with power. Again, with red and orange, yellow is considered to be one of the emotional colo[u]rs. Belindri, could see the red and orange being connected to emotions, but he had a harder time seeing the connection with yellow. He reasoned that it the connection must lie in the ties that yellow has to power.

Glancing down at the ground, Belindri noticed the grass – green. He also realized that the leaves of the trees, in all their iterations, were mostly green. This colo[u]r seemed to represent life in all its glory. Life was green. Looking out over any valley, any countryside, in most parts of the world, green is what covers the ground. It’s no wonder that this colo[u]r seems to have strong ties to peace and unity.

Looking up again to reflect on some of his thoughts, he noticed the blue sky. Blue made up a lot of his visual field, most of the time, but he hardly noticed, as most people do when it comes to blue. Blue is the colo[u]r of the sky for as far as the eye can see and is the colo[u]r of the ocean. This colo[u]r would seem to almost have a monopoly over the others with how much it seems to take up. But something about the colo[u]r made Belindri think that it wasn’t intentional. Blue’s purpose was not to be the hog of the party and instead, it was being quiet in its holding of so much importance.

Purple and violet were always colo[u]rs that Belindri had a hard time keeping straight. Purple, from what he knew, was usually a colo[u]r that was reserved for royalty. Way back when there were kings and queens and things to be ‘royal’ about, these rulers would often choose to drape themselves in the colo[u]r purple, so it often came to be known as a colo[u]r of great prestige and wealth. Violet, not wanting to be too demanding, seemed to be a colo[u]r that is highly represented when it comes to flowers. In looking to Belindri’s right, he was able to see some flowers that were showing their beauty with the colo[u]r violet.

All of these colo[u]rs spread across the length of the planet and throughout the galaxy… all of these colo[u]rs, Belindri thought. They all seem to co-exist with ease. None of the colo[u]rs fight with each other, none of them wish they had more space or time, they just live – peacefully. In fact, sometimes, when it rains, the colo[u]rs even blend together to create new colo[u]rs, like brown or orangey-reds or reddish yellows. Colo[u]rs have no wish to be better than one another, they know that’s not what life is all about.



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TheIntentionalSage - November 10, 2010

I’m very glad that you’ve enjoyed your stay and look forward to your return.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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