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Always Believe In Yourself November 6, 2010

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It was the day of the final exam in Mr. Treanor’s organic biology class. He walked into the classroom to find all of his students seated in their usual places. Looking out over the class, Mr. Treanor saw a variety of faces. That is, when he walked in, he was used to seeing certain kinds of looks on the faces of his students, but today, there was something different. The looks on the faces of these students provided him with different information. Regardless, he was still going to do what he had been planning on doing for the last couple of weeks.

Mr. Treanor set the stack of papers he was carrying down on his desk and began to address the class. “You have all worked very hard to get to this place. I wanted to congratulate you on an excellent term of organic biology. I have appreciated the effort that all of you have given during the course of the class. I am also aware that given the time of year, some of you may have decided to celebrate the success you have had this year. Because I do not want any of you to be punished for the celebration you’ve had over the last week, I’ve made a decision. I realize that a lot of you will go onto graduate programs in medicine and all kinds of important genetics and because of this, I wanted to offer all of you the opportunity to not take the final exam. Anyone willing to take me on this offer will get a ‘B’ for the course. I will not hold this decision against you, so if you’re interested, feel free to leave the classroom.”

The students all looked around at each other. They were a bit shocked by this offer. No one had anticipated Mr. Treanor being so forthcoming about his feelings about the students like this, especially on the day of the final exam. The students, almost conferring with each other, telepathically, then looking back at Mr. Treanor. The teacher, looking out over his class as they made decisions that would affect their future. It looked as if one of the students was going to stand up, but he was just shifting in his place.

Mr. Treanor spoke again: “Honestly, if any of you want to take the ‘B,’ it will not reflect poorly on you in any way. I really treasure the effort you’ve all put in this term and I believe that you all deserve at least a ‘B’ for your work.”

The students looked back at Mr. Treanor with almost blank stares as if to say that they had no intention of leaving. “Okay,” Mr. Treanor said. “I’ll give you 30 more seconds and then I’m rescinding my offer,” while taking a seat.

The students all listened to the ticking sound of the clock as the seconds melted away. 29… 28… 27… Again, no students seemed to be interested in budging on their decision. 18… 17… 16… 15… Mr. Treanor looked over at the clock, down at the papers on his desk, and then back to the students. 7… 6… 5… Not a single soul seemed to be nervous about the decision they were making. 3… 2… 1…

Mr. Treanor stood up to address the class. “Well, it’s been 30 seconds. It seems that none of you wanted to take me up on the offer of not having to take the final exam and getting a ‘B’ for the work you’ve done.” He paused and then said with a smile, “Congratulations everyone. I’m proud to have taught a class like this. I had a feeling that none of you would take me up on my offer, but I still felt it necessary to offer it to you, so that I could say this next bit to you with every confidence: I’m very pleased to see that you all believe in your abilities. You all get ‘A’s!”

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