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Making a Difference November 3, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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A young boy, Jovint (pronounced jo-vint) was on his way down to the beach. He always loved going to the beach. It was a time, usually, for calm reflection. While young, he still understood the value and practice of quieting the mind – emptying the thoughts from one’s head. He took pride in his ability to clear his head. He walked with a smile on his face as he made his way down to the beach because of his excitement that he was going to ‘clean house.’ On most mornings he came down to the beach to clear his head, but today was different.

When Jovint got down to the beach, he thought his eyes were deceiving him. It was morning, before the sun was out and hot, and he noticed tons and tons of starfish had been washed ashore. Oh no! All of these starfish are going to perish unless they make it back to the water before the sun gets too hot! Jovint was on the horns of a dilemma. There was no way that he could save all of these starfish by himself – he’d have to find someone. But, there was no guarantee that he’d find anyone if he left the beach. So, theoretically, all of the starfish could die. Oh my, what was Jovint to do?

He quickly weighed his options (within the span of a bout 11 seconds) and decided that the best thing to do was to, individually, start throwing the starfish back into the ocean. He knelt down and with both hands, he started chucking the starfish back into the ocean. He really didn’t want to throw them as he was worried that it would be interpreted as callous, but he wanted to get as many into the ocean as he could.

It was beginning to become so monotonous that he was starting to feel like he was ‘zen-ning’ out. He felt like he was reaching a deeper state of relaxation as a result of the repetition required for what it was that he was doing. He could almost close his eyes and continue on down the beach tossing starfish into the ocean. As Jovint continued to replace the starfish in the ocean there was a person making their way down to the beach. At first, Jovint didn’t notice this person because he actually had closed his eyes and was really focused on doing what he was doing.

The person approached Jovint, but didn’t say anything. They looked over at Jovint raising the starfish from the sand and returning them to the water. Standing there, watching Jovint, just watching. Jovint, continuing to pick-up starfish and move down the beach – almost meditatively.

The stranger walked about 30 feet past where Jovint was, bent down, picked up a starfish and examined it. Looking at the many intricacies making up the starfish… and then tossed it into the ocean! The splash sound startled Jovint as he knew that this sound came from something that was not a result of him tossing a starfish into the ocean. Jovint looked over at the stranger who, by this time, had another starfish in his hand and was looking at it. The stranger then tossed that starfish into the ocean and looked over at Jovint. The two acknowledged each other with a silent nod of the head and a gentle smile.

The stranger could tell what Jovint was doing… and the stranger had every reason to join him – making a difference.


1. Nandhini - November 4, 2010


TheIntentionalSage - November 8, 2010

Thanks! I, like Jovint, am just doing my part with the power that I was given (the same power that we all were given).

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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