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Healing Through Time: Making It Count November 1, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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On the eve of what was to be a typical day, Shenavia (prounced sha-nay-vee-uh) decided to do something radical – something she hadn’t done in quite some time. Something that would make her proud of the day and something that she could look back on and be grateful for. Something that she could feel hono[u]rable about and something that she could, metaphorically speaking, hang her hat on. Something that she could do with courage and something that she could do to make a difference. Shenavia wanted to heal through the medium of time.

Yes, the idea sounded absurd to her at first when her great-grandparents told her about it. Shenavia even remembers reacting quite strongly to the information that she actually had the power to, somehow, go back in time and influence the outcomes of events in history. Even remembering the conversation brings up the feelings of absurdity for her. Nonetheless, after the countless times that she’s done it, she knows that it works. And because of this, she knew what she had to do today. She knew she had to go back in time, imaginatively, and help to effect change in the world – positively. Shenavia was going to assist in healing the world through time.

This is possible because of the nature of time. Literally, time is not linear. People of earlier time periods thought that there was a past and a future and a present that moved, linearly. However, with the advances in science, people learned that this was not the case and that you could actually affect the outcomes of things that had already happened. It wasn’t received so greatly by the people of the day when it first came to light, just as it wasn’t received so well when early [5th century] Greek philosophers said that the Earth was not flat, and in fact round. It was just the same when Galileo posited that the Earth was not the center of the Universe, rather that the Earth orbited the sun.

All crazy ideas in their infancy, but years after their declaration/discovery, the world laughs at seeing it any other way. This is why today, Shenavia is able to go back through time to aid in healing the world.

On this particular day, Shenavia has decided to go back through time near the time of one of the elections in the United States of America. She understood that there were no separate countries in the time where she came from, but she still felt some draw to go back through time to help the United States of America. She knew that it wasn’t a presidential election, but she still felt that it was important to lend a hand when she could. In this instance, her attraction was to the minds of the people who would be electing officials. She wanted to help the people charged with the responsibility of electing by way of voting, to have clear minds and spirits upon making that decision.

Shenavia spent time imagining that people who were completing their vote, through many different means across the United States of America during the election, did it with a sense of presence and calmness for the moment. Looking back on history from Shenavia’s perspective showed her that the United States of America was one of the important countries involved with the creation of history. Not only was the United States of America a country young with respect to many of the other countries in the world at the time, it was also had the potential to be very much a trailblazing force.

With this election, and any other election, Shenavia wanted to help to keep the minds of those voting to be completely clear. She didn’t want them to spend those few moments before they officially cast their ballot for this representative or that senator or the other governor candidate or some city councilor without being centered in their spirit. Decisions like these, in the past, when there was a United States of America, weren’t always done in a way that fostered intelligent decision-making. Shenavia knew that there was nothing wrong with it as they were just doing the best they could with what they knew… just the same as any other group of people through the history of time.

That didn’t stop Shenavia from doing her all to help to bring about that change, ever so slowly, through the minds of these voters. She wasn’t trying to plant ideas in their head, no. She just wanted their true feelings and most importantly, their heart, to make the decision, rather than some other part of them that had been hijacked by listening to advertisements. Times were very harsh back when there was a United States of America. Shenavia, with all her grace and love, maintained that healing through time allowed her to help these people make it count.


1. deva daricha - November 5, 2010

in my country
the oldest on this earth
we dream things into and out of existence

the eternal moment is the moment of the eternal presence
which is now,

for ever and always

beloved, whoever you are and wherever you are from

we dream through time and space
and we see your pretty face
which is for now and ever.

2. TheIntentionalSage - November 5, 2010

Thanks so much for your message, Deva. I could really feel the feeling behind what you were conveying through words. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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