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Colourful Colours Colouring Creatively October 30, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Walking through the meadow was no different today than it had been any other day for Paninia (pronounced pan-een-yuh). She walked through this particular meadow everyday with grace and loveliness. She would enter the meadow, close her eyes, and allow her legs to carry her body, while her imagination ran free. Her imagination that had, on countless occasions, taken her to new heights of exploration. It had taken her beyond where she ever thought she could go; to places of complete serenity. Once and awhile, she would come across trees. Usually, these trees were like trees she had seen on earlier days, but not today. Today’s trees were different.

Paninia approached these trees with a sense of awe and amazement. Never before had she seen trees look like this. Green trees, yes, but these trees, no. These trees were very different. These trees had an air about them that was playful and joyous. It was as if these trees were celebrating something and decided to share their celebration with all those who would come near to them. These trees were colourful.

To be exact, it wasn’t the trees that were colourful, but the leaves that were colourful. Some of the leaves were red and some of the leaves were orange. Other trees had yellow leaves and further still, some had combinations of all three. It was more magnificent than she had ever seen. All the trees in all the land couldn’t compare to the beauty of looking at these trees with all of their unique differences.

To Paninia, these colourful trees were shining brightly and it was her duty to watch with adoration. She sat in front of the nearest tree and looked up at the leaves from below. An orchestra of yellow was what she saw. She saw yellow from left to right and up and down. As her smile widened one of the leave began to fall from the tree. The leaf slowly made its way down and nearly landed right on her nose. Instead, it landed in the cross-legged lap of Paninia’s. Taking it as a sign that this was a gift from the tree, she thanked the tree and moved on.

She sat in front of the next tree. This one, an assertion of red brimming from the core. The tree had a sense of fiery will to it and as that thought crossed her mind, the tree let out multiple leaves from its place. The leaves began to fall around Paninia and encircled her. This was rather enlivening! She picked up a leaf and then went onto the next tree.

This tree had orange leaves. Oh what colours they have! Having decided that this tree was going to be the last tree she sat under, she looked up at the orange leaves and spent time examining them. She really wanted to get a feel for what these orange leaves were all about. Just then, one fell… and of course, it landed right in her lap. It was as if all the trees knew what she was thinking when she thought it, so that they could respond in kind.

Paninia picked up the orange leaf to look at it closer. As she pulled it closer to her face, she noticed a tinge of green to it. How peculiar? I thought that these leaves were completely orange. As that thought crossed through her path, another leaf dropped, directly next to her. She picked it up to see that this leaf was, in fact, completely orange. And then the dots were connected! Paninia realized that the trees that had green leaves were the same trees that turned their leaves to these visionary delights. Oh what a glorious day.

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