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Sending Love and Light October 29, 2010

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He walked with a sense of unity and oneness. His steps were light and intentional. Being mindful of the grass beneath him that held his feet, which held his legs, which held his torso and arms, which held his neck that supported his head. Everything about Tiame (pronounced tee-ah-may) was such that he was very deliberate. He did everything with purpose and his energy followed a similar path. He lifted his arm, and it was gentle. He moved his leg, and it was gentle. Tiame was a gentle, deliberate, intentional, and loving soul who cared for everything he interacted.

Tiame decided that he was going to head on down to an area where there was people. He loved people and by reciprocation, people loved him. People may not have known that they loved him, but that was the case. When Tiame was near people, he exuded love to them – on purpose. He felt that it was something he could do. It was something that he could give to the world in a positive and intentional way. He would sit in areas where there were lots of people and stare off into the distance. While staring off into the distance, he would direct his energy to the people nearby.

These people nearby would feel the effects of the love from Tiame, but had no clue that it was he who was loving them. Each person that came near to him left feeling so much lighter and fuller. As each person left his presence, Tiame smiled in acknowledgement of their on volition. He knew that people wouldn’t sit in his presence forever, so he had to use the time he was giving effectively. He used this time to send love, energetically, to these people. These people who drank up the love like it was air that they needed to survive.

Whenever Tiame decided that he was going to go out and ‘send love,’ there never seemed to be a lack with regard to the number of people who were around. He seemed to always pick places that were very crowded and most certainly had people who were ‘ready’ to receive the love.

In some of the places that Tiame would go to, he would look specifically for the people who needed love the most. These people would usually be screaming for love, energetically of course, but it would be quite clear to Tiame that they needed love. How was it clear to him? Body language. By the way that these people sat or held themselves, he knew that they needed energy. He would take a ‘snapshot’ in his mind of what they looked like prior to his sending of energy. Moments would go by and then he would glance back at them to find that they had shifted in their posture or began to hold themselves differently. Without fail, this happened time after time. It was the all the ‘scientific’ evidence that Tiame needed to validate his purpose.

Each time, Tiame would go to some place new. He was careful not to visit the same place on back-to-back days. Why? Tiame knew that the energy that he sent to people in one place was not just going to them, but going to the area that they shared. Because of this, Tiame knew that the people who visited that place on the next day would still feel some of the effects of the love and because of this, he felt that it was more appropriate or more fitting to go to another place and give that place love, too.

Tiame was and still is, to this day, a very loving and giving individual. Wherever he goes, he brings love and light. Wherever he is, he is love and light. Whenever he leaves, he leaves love and light. Tiame is the embodiment of love and light and is one of the quintessential role models of our time.


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