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Building Peace October 28, 2010

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He dug his hand deep down into the sand and raked towards himself a huge pile.With his other hand, he scooped some water out and poured some of it onto the pile of sand. The sand, now on the way to a consistency of mud, but not quite there, was easier to mold. Canite (pronounced cah-nee-tay) pulled some more sand into the pile and again, poured some water onto the pile. It was nearly enough sand to begin building what he always built when he came to the beach – peace.

When Canite came to the beach, he wasn’t just coming to enjoy the bright sun and the warm water, he came to imagine a world filled with love and harmony. The best way that he knew how to do this was to use his hands. Since he didn’t want to impart his will on any single person, he decided that the best way to use his hands would be to use them in an imaginary sense. Canite came to the beach, and he literally, built peace. He did this by creating tiny little villages where people could live together in harmony. He would start out with a huge pile of damp sand, so that it was easier to mold, and then he would begin.

Canite used his hands to create round houses, almost like yurts, for people to live in. He would even outline where their organic gardens would be in relation to their houses. Laughingly, on some of the houses, he would leave space in their ‘backyard’ by digging out a hole. He would imagine that some people would want to have pools at their residence. Knowing that people of ‘his’ world were smart enough not to have ‘fake’ pools because of the harmful chemicals required to keep up the pool, Canite always imagined that people would dig holes into the ground until they hit the water table as if to create their very own pond.

He thought of all kinds of things! He distanced the round houses far enough from each other so that each property would have enough ‘privacy’ to feel like they were the only ones living in the area, but not too far so that neighbo[u]rs couldn’t drop in for a visit. Neighbo[u]rhoods were important to Canite and he thought they to be very important to peace. The more that people knew the people they lived close to, the more likely they were to extend love and gratitude to those people. He felt that this was a very key point in his ‘building’ peace.

Canite constructed buildings that were intended for children to go to school – and teach each other, of course. Canite understood the value in having peers teach peers. When you learned something from someone your own age, you were much more likely to retain the information. Additionally, each student that was teaching the other students would be more motivated to learn and subsequently teach because each other’s learning depended on it. That is, each student’s learning was dependent upon the other’s, and students wanted to see each other succeed. As such, they’re inspiration for doing well would be clearly evident. He made sure not to build too many buildings that would be for the school because he knew that some of the students would want to build their own buildings.

He built meeting places so that the community could get together for big gatherings – mainly celebrations. Times when people would get together, just like neighbo[u]rhoods were very important to Canite. He understood that celebration helped to inspire the energy within the group and by extension, the people. The more times that people got together to celebrate things, the more times they wanted to get together to celebrate things. The buzz of the energy from everybody was intoxicating and quintessentially motivating. This was something that was not always clear in the days of old, but that would not be the case in Canite’s villages.

Lastly, were the integrated areas. Canite’s most important addition to these villages were the areas where there would be integration between humans and nature. Even thinking that thought, Canite knew it was kind of saying the same thing twice. Humans were nature and nature was part of humanity. However, he was aware that for too long, humans had strayed away from their nature and to counterbalance this, in Canite’s villages, humans would be integrating with nature.

Specifically, with the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. Humans would have intentional time where they would go and sit with trees. Humans would breathe the tree into them and exhale themselves out into the tree. Humans would play with animals – and not just the animals that they had already domesticated. Humans would feel comfortable venturing out and playing with lions, tigers, and bears. These animals would not be of harm to humans because they understood that they were part of the same source.

Canite, smiling as he continued to use his hands to bear the fruit of his imagination, knew that his creations were not going to be lost. He knew that the energy he was effecting into the sand would be picked up by the energy of the people on the planet and in a short while, humans would be living like this.



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