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Peace in the Stars October 27, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Watching the night sky was one of her favo[u]rite things to do. Deaniva (pronounced dee-ann-ee-vuh) would lay back and stare up at the bright lights in the sky. To her, the night was more beautiful than the day. The sunshine was great, but it was so… uniform. With the night brought the moonlight and more importantly, the stars. These tiny bright lights were present all across the galaxy and with her eyes, she could see them. Not only were they magnificent for how far away they were, but they were all so unique.

Deaniva was looking up at the sky. As her eyes slowly moved from one set of stars to the next, it was almost as if each star sparkled. She smiled because to her, it seemed like the stars were shining for her just when she turned to look at them. How nice of the stars to shine for me. I love the stars and they love me.

With her eyes, she began to draw lines from one star to the next in an effort to create characters. She did this all the time. Deaniva would use the night sky to invigorate her imagination. She found that having this backdrop of the night sky was quite helpful in imagining her characters. She would often imagine characters that were doing what they could to create and keep the peace. This was a topic that was very near and dear to her heart – peace – and why shouldn’t it be? Peace was something that she was so used to living out in the countryside. She wanted that same peace for people everywhere on the planet and in the galaxy.

Deaniva’s wish for peace didn’t end with the far reaches of the Earth. She wanted the entire galaxy to be at peace. She wanted peace for all things. She liked it when things were still. She felt that people and by extension, nature, needed to stop and look around. As humans were part of nature, their actions were a reflection of nature’s growth. Humans, being great creations, had still some growth that they needed to do. According to Deaniva, achieving this state of peace, this oneness with all things, would accelerate the process of stillness that she was after for the world.

In the sky, the character she most often used, peace-it, was up to his best again. Peace-it would roam the sky at night and organize all the other characters into teams. These teams would then go out into the galaxy (or around the planet) in hopes of installing a sense of peace with whomever they interacted. When Deaniva set them on their merry way, she always had to chuckle. While she may have only been imagining this in her head (and in the sky), she knew that the energy she put into imagining this was becoming part of a grander sense of things.

As she imagined these characters assisting in peace for all things, she knew that on an energetic level, peace for all things really was being worked on. Peace here, peace there, peace everywhere! Peace-it and his teams of characters would go out into the minds and hearts of all living things in the galaxy to instill within them a sense of calm. Deaniva smiled again. Peace was happening.

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