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Eating with Appreciation for Life October 26, 2010

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She sat and listened as her grandmother explained just how they used to eat in the olden days. Oline (pronounced oh-leen) listened, while her grandmother went on about refrigerators, freezers, ovens, microwaves, food processors, blenders, crock-pots, and an assortment of other kitchen appliances that people used to use. Oline’s eyes were wide with amazement as her grandmother continued to talk about the different ways that people used to eat. The ways that people would, in essence, kill the food of any nutritional value before they even considered eating it. Oline remarked, “but why, grandmother, why would they pollute their food?”

Oline’s grandmother reminded her that they were from a different time and that she need not judge how they did things. Oline admitted that she wasn’t condemning previous ways of doing things, but that she was, genuinely curious as to why they would be so callous in their ways. She really wanted to know why people would intentionally change the molecular structure, with tools in a lab rather than with their heart, of a plant. It was so hard for Oline to understand, but her grandmother did as best she could to explain.

“You see, Oline, they were from a different time. They came from an era where things like this were absolutely normal. It was normal for them to be pioneers in this way. When you think about it, humanity was only in its infancy with regard to their understanding of technology and the power that was contained within it. More importantly, the power of the man operating the technology. These people thought that if they could engineer a way to make more food in a lab, then they could feed the world. They thought that if they could develop a ‘super-seed,’ a seed that was able to always grow no matter the conditions, that they would be able to feed people all across the planet. People that, otherwise, in their opinion, were starving.”

“But grandmother! Seeds already are super-seeds! They grow no matter the condition, so long as you have the right seed in the right area,” Oline remarked.

“Yes, my dear, I know that and you know that, but they didn’t know that back then.” Oline was visibly confused. “Oline, think back to when you were really young. When you were first crawling around in the grasses. Remember when you were first learning about the different bugs that were native to the land? Remember when some of these bugs, through protection for themselves, happened to bite you? Think of how you were still learning about this new world that you had come out of. This new world of possibility and being-ness. It’s like it was for the humans back then. They didn’t know any better – they were still learning. With time, you learned and with time, so did they.”

Her grandmother, sensing this was a good time to stop, got up, nodded, and walked away, leaving Oline by her lonesome to ponder a little bit longer what was just said. Oline, no stranger to time by herself, laid back and closed her eyes. She really wanted to integrate this new knowledge that she’d been given. And as quickly as she laid down to integrate the knowledge was as quickly as she got the sense to get up and move. Her intuition was kicking in and letting her know that integration would be better served through her movement rather than her stillness (of body).

Oline began walking down the rows of fruit trees. She saw lemons, she saw starfruit, she saw apples, she saw kiwis, she saw oranges – any kind of fruit that she could imagine! Smiling at each tree as she passed it, she knew that she would be eating fruit from it at some point and it was good form to give love. She came to a banana tree and she pulled one down. Peeling the banana in her hand, she showed her appreciation for the tree for bearing its love to her by taking a moment of silence in gratitude for the tree. Smiling again, she bit into the banana. Life was meant to be enjoyed.

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