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Ride The Wave October 25, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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She sat at the base of the beach looking out over the water. Feeling a little uneasy about what she was about to do, she decided to lay back onto the sand and stare up at the sky. She watched the clouds slowly scoot across her visual field intermittently causing shade to befall her. Huialea (pronounced hue-ee-ah-lay-ah) imagined the clouds creating different shapes in the sky. She imagined that some of the forms were her ancestors coming to say hello to her before she jaunted out into the open sea.

Huialea felt that she was ready. She sat up and flexed her back from side-to-side. She lifted her board out of the sand and began running towards the water. As soon as her foot hit the water, she lunged her board forward and slid out onto it. Huialea’s momentum carried her out past some of foam.

She began paddling with her arms to get herself out into the open ocean. As the waves would roll in, she would decide whether she wanted to duck under the wave with her board or up and over top of it. This decision was usually made by how close the wave was to breaking over her head. If the wave was about to break on her, then she would push down hard on her board and duck under the wave. If the wave was not close to breaking, then she would ride with her momentum up and over the wave. To anyone watching Huialea, it would look like she was nearly perpendicular to the horizon when she would climb over some of the waves.

Straddling her board, she sat watching the open ocean – waiting for a wave. This wasn’t the first time that she had been here and it wasn’t going to be the last, but it was the first time that she had been out here in quite some time. By golly, she couldn’t remember the last time she was down at the beach surfing. Huialea had spent a lot of time with her garden. It was the time of the month where certain crops needed extra tender loving care than others. She was aware of this and rightfully so, took the time out of what she would normally otherwise be doing to appreciate her garden. There’s no doubt that the garden was later going to appreciate Huialea back by producing such delicious and healthy nourishment for her.

Out of the corner of her thought she noticed a wave that was rolling in. This was going to be it, the first wave she had ridden in some time. She watched as the wave began to pick up steam as it got closer to her. It was nearly upon her when she turned and laid face down on her board. She began paddling with all her might to stay in front of the wave and just at the last second, she pulled herself up! The wave began to crest and she had a long while of open face riding ahead of her. For Huialea, it felt so good. It was a feeling she was all too familiar with, but it was one that she hadn’t felt in a while.

Even though she hadn’t felt it in a while, it didn’t mean she forgot it. However, having not felt these juices flowing recently, she could truly appreciate feeling them. It was as if she was feeling them for the first time. Her and her board, moving as one unit down the wave – as one unit. It was as if her and the board and the wave were all meant to be together. They were all meant to be connected. When they were together, the world smiled again.

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