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Painting Procreation October 22, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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She dabbed the brush in the red paint. Villy (pronounced vill-ee) lifted the brush to the canvas and effected a stroke. Immediately, she thought that the red was too bright, so she mixed it with some brown and the resulting mixture was a much darker red. The brush rose to the canvas again and she began to paint the sun. She wanted the base col[u]r of the sun to be quite rouge and the red that she had chosen was not going to fail her. She put down the brush and picked up a different brush. This brush, she dabbed it in the orange.

Villy started to outline the circular nature of the sun. As she did this, the orange mixed with the brown creating a darker looking orange. She was okay with this, so long as the orange was differentiated from the red – and it was. She was staring at a happy sun staring back at her. She picked up another brush and put some grey paint on it. She carried the brush up to the canvas and painted the faintest of smiley faces on the sun. Doing this made Villy smile. She loved to put somewhat secret and subliminal messages in her paintings that were of a happy and jovial nature. To her mind, there wasn’t anything more happy or jovial than a smiley face in a sun.

Wondering what else she wanted to include in this painting she put down the brush she was holding. She looked at the canvas and then she closed her eyes. She knew that the next bit of paint that was to go up on the canvas would come to her if she would only listen. With her eyes closed and her ears open, she began to see things coalesce, in her mind’s eyes. She saw what was to be painted next…

She picked up a fresh brush and put a healthy serving of blue on it. She then moved the brush over to the white cylinder and began to lighten the colo[u]r of the blue. If ever so slightly, she wanted to make sure that there was some whiteness that was added to the blue. White was pure, but so was blue. She raised the brush to the nearly barren canvas and began to spot the sky. Slowly stroking from left to right, and then from right to left. The sky began to take shape around the smiling sun.

She picked up another brush and put down the blueish one. This brush was the brush. She was going to depict creation with this brush. She knew and understood that she was already well into the painting of creation, but this brush, this was going to put the finishing touches on creation. She put some dark green on the brush. She raised the brush to the lower half of the canvas and then paused. She closed her eyes and saw it in her mind’s eyes. She saw creation. She saw the green creation. She saw the grass and the plants and the soil and the life. She saw it all. She saw the trees growing 100 feet tall and the leaves changing colo[u]rs on the tips of the branches. She saw the rain giving moisture to the soil and giving life to the plants. It was remarkable.

Again, Villy smiled, with her eyes still closed. The happiness and joy practically bursting out of her. She opened her eyes and lowered the brush to the canvas to paint creation.


1. Nandhini - October 24, 2010

Colourful description! I wish the painted picture was put up inthis post too.


TheIntentionalSage - October 24, 2010

Thank you! I thought that this was a rather clever post in changing the colo[u]rs of the text when the colo[u]r changed on the brush.

As for the picture, very soon I will begin to integrate images into the ‘imaginings.’ 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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