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Daily Gratitude October 22, 2010

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He looked up at the sky as if to say, ‘thank you.’ It was how he started everyday – with gratitude. Ricando (pronounced ree-can-doh) was not quite sure when it began, but for as long as he could remember, when he would immerse from the hypnopompic state, he would directly look into the sky and give thanks. It wasn’t that he was thanking any particular person for any one thing, but just offering thanks in general. Gratitude was something that Ricando has always felt was an important part of one’s life and from his perspective, there wasn’t a better way to start the day than with thanks.

Today was a little different from most of the other days and Ricando couldn’t quite put his finger on why, just yet. There wasn’t anything that he did that was out of the ordinary, but he just had this feeling that something was different. Because of that feeling, in that moment, he decided it was appropriate to change something. He didn’t know what, but he knew he was going to change something. With that, he stopped in his tracks and waited for a clear sign from himself or otherwise on which way to change.

Right on cue, his legs started walking him in the ‘right’ direction. As Ricando continued walking down the right path (as opposed to the left path), he realized that he had rarely taken this path. It wasn’t for lack of curiosity, but just that this path never seemed to be the path that he was to take on any given day. Nonetheless, he was walking down the path now. As his legs continued to walk, he allowed his eyes to take in the scenery. The vegetation on this path was much more confined than on the other path, but that was to be expected as he rarely walked this path.

As he got farther along, the long leaves of the plants overhung creating a tunnel-like feeling. This was something he was unaccustomed to feeling. Almost all the places that Ricando went, he allowed himself to feel expansive and open. On this particular walk, he was being given the opportunity to experience a tighter and constricted way of walking. He allowed these thoughts to swoosh around in his head as he continued to make his way along the path.

That’s it!

Ricando continued walking, but a breakthrough had come to him (or a breakthrough happened?). As he allowed things to be mulled over in his head, some thoughts rushed in and out of his head. The thoughts, to his judgement, were not accredited to any particular arena, but they were just happening. It was almost as if his mind was at the center of a spider’s web and the thoughts were coming to him down these different connections. It was rather remarkable.

The thought that broke through, the thought that gave him an ‘aha’ moment was one of sheer brilliance. Gratitude… at the end of the day. For as long as he could remember, he was always starting the day with gratitude, which he felt to be very important. He would give thanks to start the day – it was a wonderful feeling. On this walk, down this particular path, the idea came to him that he should also give thanks at the end of the day. When it came to him, he realized that this was of course a great idea! He also wondered just why he hadn’t already been doing it?

Ricando knew that the reason he hadn’t already been giving thanks at the end of the day was not important. A smile on his face, he continued walking on down the path. He wondered what other great ideas would come to him walking down this different path.

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