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Tears of Laughter October 21, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Continuing on down the path, she gazed up. In her view, she could see the colo[u]rful leaves as they dotted the tops of the trees. She could see the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds. She closed her eyes and felt the warmth of the rays on her face. Today was a glorious day.

Amani (pronounced ah-mah-nee) knew that peace was happening all around her. Not only in her immediate surroundings, but all around the world. Long before her time, people would interact through electronic means. Today, Amani knew that peace was happening – in this instant – because she could feel it.

It was a skill that Amani has had since birth. She could just feel when things were happening in different areas of the world. She didn’t need someone to come and tell her face-to-face, she just knew. Over the years, she learned to trust that feeling when it came because it had always proved to be right. Today was no different. She got the feeling that it was happening. Peace was happening. All around the world. Everywhere. Peace. It was a wonderful time for Amani to get to have that feeling of peace pervading throughout her being as a result of the peace pervading the globe.

It was almost as if peace for Amani was synced to the peace for the world and only when the world was at peace could Amani be at peace. She was like a therapist holding the space for the world to work through its trauma and so it did. The trauma had been worked through because Amani could feel it. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes she felt it – peace.

Her eyes still closed and taking in the sun’s rays when she started to feel wetness on her face. Confused, she opened her eyes and brought her fingers delicately to her face. At first, she thought it might have been rain, but this wasn’t the case. Tears began to flow. Tears of release and tears of joy. Her body had literally been holding the space for the Earth to heal itself. Amani, unaware that her body had undertaken such a herculean task, fell to the ground so as not to tax her body any further by holding up her frame. Peace was had by the Earth and so peace was going to be had for her body.

She laid down staring up into the sky as the tears continued to roll off of the side of her face. A wry grin spread across Amani’s face. The grin turned into a smile and the smile to a chuckle. The chuckle gained steam and turned into a laugh where the laugh turned into full-blown laughter. Amani, not sure what was happening, but she continued to laugh. Something about everything was just making her laugh. It seemed that her body had finished expelling the tension through tears and was now going to release through laughing. So there she lay, laughing away as the sun shined in approval.

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