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Persevering Presence October 21, 2010

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It was once thought to be a place that was only embarked upon by people who had reached a certain level of growth. He thought that he had to have achieved a specific state of maturation before he was allowed to set foot in such a place. Gently placing one foot in front of the other, he took deep breaths. He allowed himself to sink – into – himself. The fear slowly dissipated as he walked with a soft gaze. He could see everything.

He could see the leaves scattered about on the ground. He could see the tall grasses that had been trampled over. He could see the trees beyond the tall grass forming an enclosed area where he was walking. The physical manifestations were not all he could see. His eyes allowed him to see the slight dissonance between the physical realm and the beyond. Juliad (pronounced joo-lee-id) knew his eyes weren’t deceiving him as this had been something that he had seen for some time. That is, this realm that seemed to fade in and out was something that he had long been privy to and because of long chats with his great-grandmother, he knew that this realm was for real.

Juliad strode farther into the area and begun to sink even deeper into himself. As he stepped, it was almost as if it wasn’t him stepping anymore. It was as if there was stepping, yes, but he wasn’t the stepper. He was merely there and stepping was happening. It was a remarkable feeling for Juliad. He’d never been able to keep up this level of relaxation while moving. During long periods of sitting, yes, he’d been able to sustain this gaze out into open fields and in confined spaces, but never while engaged in movement.

He was beginning to think that during this movement period, he was able to see more than he would if he were stagnant. It was as if the movement was interaction with the field around him and thus, the field welcomed him into itself more and more. Juliad wondered where that thought came from as he reflected on it. He continued and thought that maybe the field was somehow interacting with his thoughts now, too. Remarkable!

And in an instant, it was gone. Juliad’s eyes opened all the way and he stood there looking at the bark of the trees. Sudden cessation. Just as soon as it ended was as soon as Juliad realized what had happened – mind. He had allowed his own thoughts to takeover his mind. He laughed out loud. It wasn’t just that he allowed his own thoughts to takeover, but these were thoughts of separate-ness. These thoughts purported that there was something different to be thought than what was already being thunk. Paradoxical were Juliad’s conclusions, yes, but they were quite clear to him.

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