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Opening to the Possibilities September 18, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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She watched as the bird soared high above the sky. Its wingspan was a sight to see. In gazing upon the bird, Brina (pronounced breen-uh) realized that it didn’t even seem that the bird was flying. It looked more like the bird was gliding through the air. Almost as if it was just riding the air currents and exerting the least amount of strength possible to propel itself. It was remarkable to watch how it twisted and turned hardly ever flapping its wing to move itself as most other birds that Brina had seen. From what she could understand, it seemed that most birds flapped their wings to move, but this one, this one just glided.

Brina followed the path of the bird to see where it was going. She had no intention of letting the bird know that she was there, but she did want to get a closer look at it. She walked through the jungle and allowed her senses to guide her in following the bird. Every so often, there would be breaks through the jungle plants and she would be able to look up and still see that the bird was in flight – headed in the same direction that she was traveling.

Maybe it was the vibrant colo[u]rs present on the wings of the bird or maybe it was the unique looking beak that the bird had. There was something about this bird, besides its gliding ability, which drew Brina to it. The bright orange colo[u]r was a bit surprising as she hadn’t seen too many beaks with such a vibrant orange colo[u]r and the bright blue feathers on its wings were pretty spectacular. She had seen blue wings before, but something about these blue wings was different from the others.

She was coming near to the end or at least a break in the jungle as she stepped over a few roots and into the light again. She looked up and noticed that the bird was swooping downwards some as headed to the top of a nearby tree. Brina watched as the bird slowed itself down as it neared a specific branch and landed just next to a nest. A nest! This was fantastic. While Brina was only hoping to get a closer look at this bird, she was now going to be able to see the bird and its young, too!

Brina looked on as the bird walked its way in to the nest and began to feed the younger birds. Brina was careful not to get too close to the tree that the birds were in because she didn’t want to startle them or encroach upon their territory. She merely wanted to be a delicate observer and she did just that. She increased her focus to her eyes and was able to see a bit better the nest and the birds from where she stood. It was absolutely incredible to watch as this massive bird fed its young who also happen to be quite large, but were still recognizable as offspring and not full-size.

After it appeared that the feeding part was complete, Brina watched as the momma bird began to send energy to the birds – individually. There was some sort of fuzzy light that seemed to be moving in the direction from the momma bird to the closest of the young. It was yellow-y and seemed to have its own vibration. It was as if the light traveling from one to the other had its own pulse. Brina watched in awe as she had never considered birds to have this kind of ability. She, herself, had done it many times in sending energy to various plants, trees, and other animals, but she had never seen one animal give energy to another.

The momma bird seemed to have completed the energy flow to the first young and then moved onto the second. As Brina watched this display of energy, her mind was opened to all kinds of new possibilities. Birds could send energy. As the thoughts began to rattle around her head, it dawned on her – of course! Why wouldn’t other animals be able to send energy to each other? Brina knew that she was part of nature and that she was a being of light. Because of this, she knew that she was able to send energy to other things in nature. It would only make sense that the other ‘beings of light’ and things in nature would be able to respond in kind.

Brina smiled as she watched the momma bird move onto the third baby bird. It was inspiring to watch the momma bird intentionally send energy to each of her young. Inspiring and so important because it helped to shift the perception that Brina had of animals. Brina broke her gaze from the nest and looked back into the jungle. There were millions of different species in there that she had sent energy to in the past. As she looked into the jungle, she noticed that there was a yellow-y fuzzy light headed in her direction. She began to feel a warmth cascading over her person. Brina laughed. After all this time, the jungle had been responding to her and had been sending her light.



1. Brown Eyed Mystic - September 19, 2010

What a clear, nice way of explaining with the analogy of momma bird. Loved it!

I wish I were Brina, so that I could get myself lost in the deep woods, learn from them, pass them my energy and in turn get some from them to drink. That’d be pure nourishment. Some day, soon, I’d play Brina, perhaps?

Thank you.


TheIntentionalSage - September 19, 2010

I believe that Brina is part of all of us and so by extension, we can access Brina whenever we want. That is, should I feel I want to experience the energy of Shnobi or Brina, I simply need close my eyes and they are there. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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