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Floating on the Waves of Surrender September 17, 2010

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One of his favo[u]rite places to be was near the ocean. There was something magical for him about being by something so great. Not great in the subjective sense, but great in the physical sense. The absolute magnitude commanded by the ocean was beyond comprehension. It was everywhere – really – everywhere. While there were different names for it in different places, it occupied a great deal of space on the planet. Hilio (pronounced hee-lee-oh) would spend hours staring out into the ocean to ponder the wonder of its unwavering ways. The ocean was big, there was no doubt about it, but to Hilio, there was more to it than its size.

There would be times when the ocean was completely still and other times where you couldn’t imagine the ocean having ever been calm. The waves would dwarf the size of anything in its path and subsequently, engulf them. Still, the waves were not on some malicious path attempting to rid everything in its way. The ocean was just doing what it always does in following the cycles of nature.

Hilio always had a distinct respect for the ocean. He knew not to venture into the ocean when it was displaying its awesome power through the waves, but that didn’t stop him from imagining what it would be like to be part of the ocean. It had been a dream of his for some time to feel what it would be like to be part of the ocean. To be a water molecule falling in line with the rest of the other water molecules and just floating around from place-to-place. He wondered if the way he was imagining it was even true to life or if it was just something he was superimposing onto the ocean. How could he possibly know – he was never going to be part of the ocean.

On this particular day, he was astounded at the complete stillness of the water. Many times he had been down to the shoreline to stare out into the ocean and see that there was a definite lack of waves, but never had he seen it like this. Today, the water seemed as if it really was completely still. There was no discernible wave approaching the shore – even in the slightest of ways. It was as if there weren’t any waves at all and he was at the foot of a pond somewhere inland. He looked down the coast to see if this stillness was just where he stood and as far as he could see, the water seemed to be still. Hilio found this rather puzzling. He had known the water to be calm on some days, but never this calm. He wondered if there was any significance to this and then laughed.

Of course there could be significance to this as there could be significance to anything that anyone witnesses simply because they see it. Significance is not necessarily inherent to the event, rather, significance is inherent to there being someone there to witness an event and think about the event. After remembering this, Hilio wondered what it was that was significant about this moment to him. The water being rather still seemed to be important to him as he could not remember ever seeing the water come to such a state.

Hilio got really quiet and still to allow there to be more than just his mind ruminating over what was happening. After a few minutes of being quietly, Hilio got up from where he was sitting, strode down to the water and waded in. He was not expecting to be in the water today, but from the silence, this action emerged. He kind of felt like he was watching the movie of his life as his body picked itself up off of the ground and walked into the ocean. Once in the ocean, he found himself plodding through the water until it reached up near his chest. At this point, he kicked up his feet and began breathing very deliberately.

He would take a deep breath – slowly – and then exhale quite slowly. Hilio was so busy focusing on his breath that it took him a dozen or so seconds before he realized – he was floating! A fantastic experience! Hilio had never had the pleasure of floating in the ocean. The water had always been so choppy that floating face-up on the water was very difficult because the waves would carry water over the side of his face and into his eyes or nose. Not today, though. Today, Hilio was able to float on the surface of the water without interruption. It was a feeling like nothing he’d ever experienced. It was like he was part of the water. It was like he was a water molecule floating with the winds of change.

Hilio had seized the opportunity of feeling what it felt like to surrender to ocean. This great and powerful thing called the ocean carried Hilio – it held Hilio. He was able to lie there, immersed in the water, feeling safe, comforted, and supported. The water acted like the perfect release. Floating on the surface of the water, Hilio was able to completely forget about control. In fact, he found that he floated better when he fully relinquished his control to the water. Allowing the current to take him where it was going to take him. Hilio had found something that he enjoyed more than staring out over the ocean – merging with it.

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