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Discover Your Joy September 16, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Cinidia (pronounced see-nee-dee-uh) sat on the heel of the shore as the surf rolled in up to his toes. His eyes looking out over the horizon and seeing nothing but ocean. It was a magnificent sight for him – ocean as far as the eye could see. There was something about the waves for Cinidia that was so calming. It never really dawned on him just what it was, but that wasn’t important. To him, being with the water, the ocean, and the waves, that was what was important to him. Especially the waves…

He continued to keep an eye on the crest of the waves as the rolled in because of the underwater reef. He could see that the waves were starting to grow. They started out less than a foot and were gradually getting closer to a foot high before they would crest. He started to get that excited feeling in his stomach – Cinidia knew that it was time to join the waves. He burst to his feet and ran as fast as he could into the water, splashing all the way. His arms and legs thrashing about as he made his way into the water to the point where he began to wade deeper into it. He had made it to the point where the waves were less than a foot. These were nice ‘introductory’ waves for him.

The waves weren’t too strong, but they were still more substantial than the regular surf that was expected for this part of the beach during the summer. Luckily for him, it was winter and with winter came much, much larger waves. Today was the first day in a while where he woke up with that feeling of knowing. He woke up with a feeling that there was going to be something awesome that was going to happen. After he had completed his morning walk and picked fruit from the trees, he was drawn to the beach. He wasn’t sure why, initially, but he had learned long ago that these feelings were meant to be followed and not questioned.

Because of this, he listened to his feeling and went out to the beach. When he got there, he took a seat near the shore and watched. He wasn’t watching anything in particular, but just watching. It was during this watching and (waiting) period when he realized why he was at the beach. He noticed the beginnings of bigger waves starting and the joy spread through his body. That was when he made a break for the water.

As Cinidia made his way past some of the smaller waves, he was starting to see that the bigger waves were coming! He was already pretty happy to begin with, but seeing these larger waves rolling on in just added to the excitement within himself. He watched with anticipation as they neared closer to him. At this point, there were waves that measured close to 3 feet. These were waves that he could easily handle, but at the same, they were quite powerful. When the waves would come, Cinidia would steel himself and connect with the sand/Earth beneath his feet.

He knew that when he connected with the sand, the waves wouldn’t be able to knock him over neither when they crashed over him nor when the current pulled back out to sea. Sometimes, just for fun, he would try to jump through the wave. During times like these, when he wasn’t rooted in his feet to the Earth, the current would be quite strong and it would pull him a little farther out. He wasn’t frightened by this, no. Instead, Cinidia was rather enlivened by this.

To join the ocean at such a time when it showed great strength and great power was inspiring to Cinidia. There weren’t many things that he could think of in his life that illustrated great power and strength, while simultaneously displaying such great calm. It was as if the ocean was this wise old sage who knew just when to speak loudly and just when to listen with quiet reserve.

Cinidia looked over his left shoulder as he saw a very big wave coming. He knew that rooting himself in the Earth was not going to be enough to stand still while this wave washed over him. As such, he decided in a split second to dive underneath the wave – it was the only safe thing to do. Upon doing this, he heard the wave crash over him. The current, as strong as could be, pulled him a little farther away from the shore. Cinidia surfaced to gather precious air for his lungs with a huge smile on his face. This was where he belonged – learning and living with the ocean. He knew that out here, on these waves, was where he felt joyful.

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