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The Earth Moves, The Sun Sets September 15, 2010

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Looking up into the sky, he noticed that there were an abundance of clouds. Many big and fluffy puffs of white were very near. This was absolutely exciting for Genswen (pronounced jen-sween). He knew that these large clouds were going to look gorgeous when the sun said goodbye to today and disappeared over the horizon. The sun was nearing its time to when it was going to be setting, too. The anticipation was palpable, but contained as Genswen watched the sky. Second by second he knew that it was inching closer to the time when the sky would be a potpourri of beauty.

The sun slowly made its way down from the sky as if it were a feather falling from above. The feather, like the sun, in no hurry to rejoin the Earth. The sun, like the feather, was in no hurry to continue its cycle… and then it hit him! Genswen, all this time, had been thinking about the sunrise as if it were a time when the sun was setting, when in fact, it was the Earth that was moving. The Earth’s movement made it seem as if the sun was setting when really, the Earth was just turning away from where the sun was in the sky. Genswen began to laugh out loud. He knew this fact to be true, that the Earth rotated the sun in a vorticular fashion as they both spun through space and time, but his thoughts on this were more in his head than they were practical.

In looking up at the sky this evening, he was able to see that this sunset was actually more like an “Earth-turn.” Of course, Genswen knew that this term didn’t sound as sexy as sunset, but it was far more accurate. For years and years, he had always heard people speak of the sunset, when they really meant something totally different. He wondered about other things that people spoke about that they meant as something completely different. Nothing immediately came to him, but there was no doubt if something as simple as the sunset could be misappropriated to the sun and not the Earth, he knew there had to be more.

His train of thought was bumped off the track as his eyes were distracted by what was before him. The sun was ‘setting.’ Up in the sky, the horizon began to eclipse the sun. It would only be a matter of minutes before the sky and the clouds would light up with delight. Inch by inch, the sun horizon seem to engulf more of the sun. Genswen thought that the sun looked like a massive orange in the sky. The same kind of orange that he was accustomed to eating straight off of the tree. He knew that he could not eat what looked like to be a massive orange in the sky, but at the same time, he knew that the sun was vital to growth on the planet.

Without the sun, nothing would be alive. Everything that grew on the Earth grew because of the light from the sun. The plants, the trees, the humans, the animals – all of it – needed sunlight to survive. Even those creatures that were nocturnal and didn’t come out at night, still needed the sun at some point in their cycle of life to help stimulate growth. Genswen found that quite remarkable that something so ‘far’ away could be so important to everything that called Earth home. As he was in another one of his thoughts, distraction came from the sky.

He noticed a cloud was turning purple or more accurately, he noticed that a cloud seemed to have the colo[u]r of purple shining from it thanks to the sun. This caused Genswen to smile. Slowly, the sun continued to disappear behind the horizon and more colo[u]rs appeared in the sky. Bright reds and deep oranges along with the astounding purples continued to be visible to the naked eye. All of this was thanks to the fluffy white clouds that were nearby. Without the white clouds, the sunset would have been mainly one colo[u]r. However, because of these white fluffy clouds, because of the empty white canvas for which the sun could paint a masterpiece of beauty, Genswen was subjected to a colo[u]r show beyond his dreams.

The colo[u]rs of the sunset began to fade and Genswen continued to watch the sky. As these beautiful colo[u]rs left the sky, he knew it would soon be nightfall. With nightfall came the moon and the stars. He loved to look at the moon in the night sky, but he especially liked to look at the stars. It seemed that no matter what was happening outside in the sky, Genswen liked to be there to witness it.

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