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The Sweetness of Mangoes September 12, 2010

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She cradled it in her hands. She lifted it to her nose and took in the intoxicating aroma, Revina (pronounced rah-vee-nuh) cut into the skin of the fruit and the juice began to run down her fingers. The sweet smell of mango permeated her nostrils. The bright orange colo[u]r of the vibrant piece of food became all that Revina could see. It was as if the orange colo[u]r had become a tint over her iris and it was all she could see – the orange of the mango. The vibrancy of the mango was almost mesmerizing as she allowed herself to truly take in this wonderful piece of fruit.

She sliced a small piece off and raised it to her mouth. She allowed the scent of the freshly cut fruit waft. A large smile emerged on her face. Revina loved eating mangoes. While they were often messy, she didn’t mind. She liked to lick the juice from the fruit off of her hands when she was finished eating. She gazed upon the piece of fruit one last time and then delicately placed it in her mouth – taste explosion! The mango tasted so unbelievably good to her. Revina’s eyes got really big and her tongue lit up with excitement in gratitude for being given this gift of mango. She let the mango rest on her tongue and began to suck the juices out of it. She wanted to savo[u]r the mango’s juice before she let her teeth chew into it.

Once a fair bit of the juice was gone, she started chewing the mango and then allowed the fibrous texture to slide down into her stomach. Mangoes were not only Revina’s favo[u]rite fruit, they were favo[u]rite food! She loved that she could just walk the land and pick mangoes off of the trees to eat. She was very careful, of course, to not pick a mango before it was ready to be eaten. That is, she only ate mangoes that were ripe. Moreover, she only ate the mangoes that wanted to be eaten, too.

Revina would walk through heavily forested areas until she came upon a patch of mango trees. She would then allow her intuition to guide her to the tree with a mango that was ready to be eaten. It was very important that the mango that she chose to eat be the mango that was ready to come off the tree. Mangoes spend time attached to trees growing and gaining nutrients from the sun. When the mango has accumulated all the nutrients it is to acquire, it starts to ripen and then is ready to be eaten. Revina’s intuition was keen in that it always chose mangoes that tasted delectable for her. She was very grateful for this and it was why she continued to listen to her intuition all the time.

Her intuition had never led her astray and with each mango that she picked that tasted good, she was once again affirming her trust in her inner guidance. It was a wonderful symbiotic relationship between Revina and her intuition. In thinking about her intuition as she took another bite of the mango, she recalled many moons ago when Fincoli (pronounced fin-coh-lee) was talking to her about intuition.

Fincoli had met Revina near a patch of mango trees trying to pick the best one. Fincole could see that Revina was efforting. He could see that she was trying to pick the one that looked the best or the one that smelled the best. While Fincoli knew that these were important parts of the process, he also knew that you couldn’t pick a fruit by just one attribute like that and that was why it was important to use your intuition. He explained to Revina that her intuition was able to synthesize all the information about taste, texture, smell, feel, and anything else that would be an important factor in choosing the best mango for her to eat at any given time.

“Intuition,” Fincoli would tell her. “Let it be your guide and you will guide it.” Many times Revina thought back to the parting words that he left her with. It wasn’t until this moment, while she continued to place small pieces of loving fruit into her mouth when she came to the realization of what Fincoli was telling her. At that moment, she understood! Fincoli was explaining to her that when she began to trust her intuition and developed a better relationship between it and her, then her intuition was going to be guided by her. That is, once she got to a point where she was able to trust her intuition, she wouldn’t have to ‘think’ to her intuition, it would just be another part of her like her arm or her leg. It would be just like a limb operating as part of her body. A muscle that once strengthened, would work to her advantage.

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