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Trust that Nature Knows Best August 23, 2010

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One of his favo[u]rite things to do was float on the water in a very inconspicuous way. Delvin (pronounced dell-vinn) would gently nudge his kayak into the water and quickly climb into it before it got too far away from him. He would pick up his paddle and begin to propel his way out into the open water. The shore was nice, but there was so much to be explored out in the open water. It was like he was a discoverer and he was going to chart new grounds on the water. Delvin was going to explore new territory that no one had ever seen. He very much liked the idea of sliding into the water and going places no one had seen. He liked being able to imagine himself being the first human to see some of the nooks and crevices that he got to see.

When Delvin would get far enough away from the shore, he liked to let the waves carry him. It was as if this was his way of allowing nature to take him where “it” wanted him to go. He found that this was a delectable way of submitting to the will and the ‘way’ of the universe. He remembered that his great-great-grandparents, at least from the stories he heard from his parents, weren’t always willing to allow nature to ‘run its course.’ He remembers one particular story where his great-great-grandparents were so convinced that they were doing right that they literally behaved from a position of which seemed incomprehensible to anyone looking in. Their friends told them that they needed to listen to their ‘inside feelings,’ but they didn’t want to listen. To this day, Delvin remembers his dad leaning over and telling him that if he wanted to be the best version of himself that he needed to, at least once a day, allow nature to ‘take him where it wanted him to go.’

Not only did Delvin heed this advice, he took it literally. Delvin knew that his dad was speaking figuratively, but what better way to let ‘nature take him where it wanted him to go’ than to actually let nature take him where it wanted him to go – on the water! It was because of this that he raised his paddle from the water and allowed nature to gradually blow him in the direction that it saw fit for that day (and every other day as it was something that Delvin did on a daily basis).

On this particular day, the wind and the waves seemed to conspire against Delvin. It was like some sort of ‘test,’ but Delvin wouldn’t settle on this conclusion until well after it happened. Once Delvin reached the open water and realized that the waves weren’t going to carry him to where he was supposed to be, he became very confused. He wondered if this meant that he was supposed to paddle farther out into the water to find the waves and the wind. He thought long and hard about it. This was the spot that he had always come to – for months! He would paddle out to this particular spot and then the waves would carry him in a different direction. Hmmm

Delvin thought that there must be something to this wave-less afternoon. There had always been waves when he had been here before – why wouldn’t there be waves today? After much deliberation he finally came to the conclusion that he was supposed to stay right where he was. He was supposed to keep his paddle out of the water and sit right where he was. Just as he had this realization he heard the squawking sound of geese. He looked over his left shoulder to see that there was a massive flock of geese that were coming in for a landing not 5 feet from where his kayak was. Incredible!

Now he knew he had done right in staying exactly where he was. There must have been over 100 geese swimming on top of the water all within about 20 feet of Delvin. He had never seen anything like it before in his life! The stillness of the water that he had floated on top of had ceased as the landing from the geese created a ripple effect. Ever so slightly, this ripple began to carry Delvin and his kayak down the water. A smile emerged on his face – a wave. Delvin, initially unsure of whether to stay or go, decides to stay and immediately after his decision, dozens of geese land in the water, creating a ripple that begins to move Delvin. How synchronistic an event. He wondered if he was doing the right thing in staying put and just as he decides that he is doing the right thing in staying put, his intuition is validated by the beauty of nature. Delvin thought that everyone should be so fortunate as to have their intuitions encouraged by nature.

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