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Humans are Natural and Nature August 23, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Immediately, he was transported to a world of wonder. He opened his eye and he could see the wispy clouds delicately poking out through the spaces between the leaves in the trees. The white and green being such a perfect complement to each other. He looked in the other direction and he saw a magnificent mountain. Because of the distance between him and it, he was able to comprehend the awesome power that it contained. It was large and not just physically. The energy coming from it could be felt even as far away that he was.

He let his eyes rest on the outline of the mountain as his mind wandered into his thoughts. Looking out at this mountain reminded him of earlier mountains that he had been able to gaze upon. One particular mountain he was recalling was enriched with whiteness similar to how the leaves were subjected to the wispy clouds. The mountain that he was recalling was lucky enough to have been covered with snow from head to toe. It made the mountain look almost as if it was wearing some sort of snowshirt. It was rather exquisite how the snow helped to hide what were seemingly imperfections in the mountains exterior. These imperfections are what Freidom (pronounced fry-dawm) came to know as fractals.

Fractals were everywhere he looked, but it took him some time to realize this. Freidom could still remember the day that he first learned that the world was made from fractals. He had happened upon a particular part of the woods that he had never been to. In this part of the woods there happened to be a collection of plants. These plants were unlike anything he’d seen before. He had bent down to get a closer look at them and upon doing that, realized that there were even smaller plants than the ones he had bent down to see. There was an astonishing similarity between the very small plants and the ones that were much bigger. It was as if the very small plants were replicas (on an extremely smaller scale) of the bigger plants that were easier to see.

Upon looking at these plants from close up and then from far back, he realized that this was how the world is. With the trees, there are big trees and there are small trees that look like the big trees. Then, there are smaller trees still that look like the medium-sized trees. The clouds in the sky can get very big, but the smaller clouds look like the big clouds. When fires would rage on burning up the dead trees, it could get really big. However, these fires started out, initially, quite small. The rivers, lakes, and oceans, were all a replication of each other. The river was small, but to a tadpole, it was quite large. The lake was bigger than the river, but to a much bigger being like a seal, the lake was just right. The ocean, bigger than both the lake and the river, was just right for a dolphin or a blue whale.

The same scenario could be played out with birds and their nests, snakes and the sand, reptiles and standing water – Freidom knew that it would go on and on. It was then that he realized the world was fractally-bound to each other by each other. He had spent lots of time thinking about fractals and their relationships to each other after this realization, but it wasn’t months later until he realized that of course, the same fractal nature that was applicable to nature was applicable to humans!

It was quite the revelation for Freidom. He had always thought that humans were part of nature and needed to be in harmonization with nature, but until he realized that humans were just that, nature, it was hard to fathom. When he came to the realization that humans are born out of the world and not into it, his whole perspective was shifted. ‘People could out of other people!’

It was an ‘aha’ moment that he would never forget. How could he? Upon the realization that humans, literally, are fractal, he would forever understand, viscerally, that humans are nature. Just as everything in nature seemed to replicate itself, so did humans. They replicated themselves. At first, humans were quite small and then they grew to be big and tall. It was a cycle. It was a cycle of fractals and nature. Humans were just as much a part of that cycle as everything else in the world. Once Freidom realized this, he knew that he would always be able to harmonize with whatever beautiful being of nature decided to drop-in and say hello.


1. Christina Cronk - August 23, 2010

How wonderful that we both wrote about earth energy today! We truly are connected.

I have always been fascinated by fractals. This post is excellent as always 🙂

2. TheIntentionalSage - August 24, 2010

That’s rather serendipitous, I would say. 🙂

When I was seeing this ‘imagining,’ I really allowed it to unfold on its own. That is, I didn’t have any particular agenda or (keyword) that I had predetermined that would happen. I wonder what ‘time’ we both posted at… it would be interesting to see how close together they ended up being published. This post was published at 18:34 (EST).

Thanks for the kind words… Encouragement really is a wonderful thing. Fractals, yes, they are quite fascinating. I don’t know if you’ve heard of or come across Nassim Haramein, but you might enjoy his work if you’re interested in fractals. 😀

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

3. Christina Cronk - August 24, 2010

Mine was at 1:10:26 pm… I guess that’s 13:10 military time, also EST.

I’ll have to check Nassim Haramein out, his name doesn’t ring a bell. Thank you for the suggestion!

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