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Peace in Motion and Integration August 20, 2010

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Casually she walked along. She had no particular destination – just walking. Villom (pronounced vill-uhm) enjoyed walking with no place to go. She loved to let the snow crunch beneath her feet. The sound it made always made her giggle just a little. With each step she took, the sound would repeat itself and in kind, so would the giggling. The giggling would gradually escalate until with each step she took, she was full-on laughing out loud. To anyone else, there was nothing funny. To Villom, everything was funny. And why not, right? Why not laugh for the sake of laughing?

Laughing was one of the most beneficial things a human could do. Laughing allowed for the secretion of ‘good feelings’ from the brain. As these good feelings worked their way through the blood stream, they would make their way to the heart – the synthesizer of everything in the body. From the heart, these good feelings would be transmitted to the rest of the body as a way of telling the body to ‘feel good’ everywhere. Laughing was one of the healthiest things one could do. These good feelings that would circulate the body also helped to cleanse one’s energy and restore balance and harmony. Not only is laughing good for the person doing it, but it is also good for anything nearby. The trees, animals, bugs, birds, bees – anything! All things that are near the person laughing pick up on that energy shift and they [others] also begin to mimic what they see in the person laughing.

Villom continued to walk, crunch the snow, and then subsequently laugh. This was a wonderful feeling. As she got farther and farther down the path, laughing as she went, she started to laugh so hard that it was almost too difficult to take her next step. Gradually, she began to hunch over as she was stepping and laughing until eventually, she fell to the ground. The cold snow felt nice on her warm face and body. It instantly began to lower her skin temperature and ‘cool her off.’ She still laughed as she lay there on the snow looking up at it as it fell.

Watching the snow fall was like watching peace in motion. The snow wasn’t in any hurry to reach the ground and it wasn’t apprehensive about its journey. It was truly embodying the present moment. The tiny fractals falling from the sky were just another reason for Villom to smile. It was all very soothing to watch and think about. Her mind, not usually one to race from thought-to-thought, was even more slowed by watching the snow fall. It was as if watching the snow was some sort of meditative moment that allowed Villom to truly stop. It allowed Villom to just be in the moment and be watching the snow.

As she rolled over on her side she was able to see all the snow that had accumulated over the last 3 hours, since it started to snow. She had never really taken this perspective before where she was able to look out and see all the snow collected in one area. She rolled on her other side and again, could see snow for miles and miles. It was like it was one big “snow” and not lots of little snow-flaked fractals.

This made Villom think… Each individual snowflake was unique. It was a fractal unto itself completely different from any other snowflake that fell from the sky. No two snowflakes were the same. As the snowflakes all fell to the ground they coalesced in an amazing way. When each snowflake came to the ground, it was as if it was no longer an individual snowflake – it was part of the whole of snow. If one looked hard enough and close enough, one would be able to see each snowflake ‘within’ the snow, but that wasn’t what the snowflakes intended to do.

When the snowflakes came to the ground, they were joining the whole. They were joining the whole of snow and uniting as one. Villom was awe-struck. The snow! A wonderful lesson from nature right at her very feet. She had never really taken the time to appreciate the ability of snow. It was individualistic and at the same time – unitive. It was the epitome of a human. Humans could be individuals, but they were at their best when they banded together. Humans were at their best when they united together as one. Humans that were for one purpose, that were for one cause, were nearly impossible to stop. Just as snowflakes that became the snow that covered fields, treetops, and mountains, were an immovable force, so too are humans that come together as one.

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