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Two Ears to Listen, One Tongue to Speak August 16, 2010

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Milisina (pronounced mill-ah-seen-uh) was contemplating the reasons why she had stopped. She had been walking along the already trodden footpath when she had the sudden inclination to stop. When this happened, she usually knew that it had something to do with what was around her. Because of this, she quickly surveyed the area around her to see what was there. She noticed that there were an assortment of trees, ferns, sounds of birds and sounds of other animals that were nearby. There seemed to be nothing that was noteworthy of what she observed, so she continued to walk.

As Milisina continued to meander down the trail, she had that feeling to stop again. Just as she had done only a few short minutes ago, she stopped. She was beginning to sense some sort of pattern as this was not the first time she was called to stop along her journey. She had been stopped at least 4 or 5 times to this point and they were all within a very short timespan. As a result of this, she decided that she would sit on the path until she was able to figure out what it was that she needed to draw to her attention. She sat cross-legged and stared down the path to see if something came to mind – nothing. She looked out over the ferns – nothing. She listened carefully to the assortment of sounds from the nearby animals – nothing.

This was downright perplexing to Milisina. She was accustomed to being able to figure out what it was that her intuition or some other part of her was trying to communicate. For some reason, this time, nothing was coming. She decided to stand up again and continue down the path. When she did this, she started to get some images in her head. Aha! Now she knew she was onto something. When she got images, she knew that there was going to be some sort of message there for her. As she strolled gently forward she paid close attention to these images. Milisina knew that there was going to be some sort of gem there.

Milisina was a rather fortunate person as she understood how it was that her mind worked. She did not ‘think’ in words, no. When she had thoughts or when thoughts were trying to be conveyed to her from her intuition, they came in the form of images. As words are just ways of communicating and are altogether limiting, she knew that these images were much more potent. In an image, there were ‘thousands’ of words. The colo[u]r of the background or the foreground. The colo[u]r of the point of the image. Whether or not there was a faded look to it or if the image was vibrant. The intensity of the ‘feeling’ behind the image. This is already not to say what was in the image, but also in what relationship things had to each other. There was so much that could be communicated through an image.

When she got these images, she understood that sometimes, it would take time going over the image in her head before she was able to determine just what the message was. Other times, the message was so clear it was as if there were ‘words’ written on the image explaining just what it was that needed to be understood. More times than not, it was the former in that she had to sort of mull over the image. This mulling process was not tedious to Milisina in the slightest. In fact, she enjoyed examining in greater detail what it was that was beyond conveyed to her. She knew that these images were almost always of the highest and purest intention. She was able to determine this because she could tell the difference between these messages and her regular thoughts via the quality of feeling and the vibrancy of the image. Pictures that came from a higher source were always of a very high vibrancy and quality.

The particular image that Milisina was ruminating on had to do with what was in the picture: two bats and one parrot. At first, she thought it was rather odd to see these animals paired together in an image, but she knew that there had to be something to it or else she wouldn’t be seeing it. She reflected on what these particular birds were known for. Well, bats were blind, so they had to rely on their sense of hearing to be able to travel and parrots were known for their ability to copy what someone has said by speaking it back to them. Hmm, two bats and one parrot. She pondered this a bit and came up with two hearings to one speaking. She knew that she was closer to the answer, but wasn’t sure just what it was.

As she continued to walk down the path, she thought of different ways to say hearing and speaking. Listening! Of course. When she came to this word, she knew she had found something because the word had a particular charge around it. So, two listening to one speaking. Milisina thought that we listen with our ears and we speak with our tongues. Interestingly, we have two ears and there were two bats in this image. Similarly, there was one parrot and we have one tongue. Aha! That was it! The image was stressing the importance of listening to Milisina. Humans have two ears to listen and one tongue to speak because humans are meant to be listening more than they are speaking! Wow. How wonderful to have been given this wisdom in the form of a vibrant image of two bats and one parrot.

Milisina continued to walk down the path with a sense of joy in her being. Whenever she was able to glean the wisdom from one of these images it gave her great pleasure, especially when the insight was something so important like this. Humans have two ears to listen with and only one tongue to speak with. Milisina thought that this must mean humans were meant to listen, not only to the other person (but to the wisdom from within), before they spoke.


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TheIntentionalSage - September 14, 2010

Thank you for your kind words. 🙂

May your days be beautiful.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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