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Surroundings of Light August 14, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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He was staring up at the sky on a clear night. The sky was filled with stars and the moon, but that was not what was drawing Tinean’s (pronounced tin-ee-uhn) attention on this particular night. Instead, he was more preoccupied with a particular task that he had set out to do on this night. It was something that he had always done at least once a week, especially at night. He found that it was easier for him to imagine it during the night. Being outside was so clear and the space was empty, while being inside precipitated a feeling of being cramped. When night fell and took over from the bright sun, it made the sky seem like it went on forever.

He stood with his arms outstretched and he leaned his head back as he gazed up into the sky. He closed his eyes and he begun to imagine white light – surrounding him – and filling him up. With each breath that he inhaled, there was more light that he was allowing into his being. With each exhalation, he was creating more room for light to come in and fill him up. It was a practice that he had cultivated since he was young. It wasn’t something that Tinean had learned from anyone, but it was something that he learned was quite exhilarating. There was just something about all the pureness and the lightness involved in the activity that made him want to continue doing it over and over.

Breathing in the light and imagining himself being so overjoyed with the oneness he felt from the light was a tremendous feeling. It was almost as if by doing this he was reconnecting with part of himself that he had lost long ago. It was strange, but at the same time, so familiar.

There was also something to doing this activity outside as opposed to inside. He had done it inside on a couple of occasions and found it to be quite limiting. It was almost as if the walls of the structure he was in prevented him from fully being who he was. When Trinean was outside, he was constricted by nothing – bound by only the reach of his eyes and ears. He could see as far as the stars and hear the water falling over the ridge from miles away. He was limitless. Nothing stood in his way of imagining himself being infinite and that is exactly what he did.

Trinean would close his eyes and imagine himself growing in size until he felt as if he was infinite. When he felt as if he was infinite, he began to breathe in the light and imagine the white light surrounding him. Because he was altogether infinite and this white light was surrounding him, this healing white-light was also surrounding everything. By doing the imagining that he was doing, Trinean was not only healing himself, he was healing the world. The remarkable part about it was that he didn’t even know it. He was just trying to imagine himself with more love, light, and oneness.

In so doing, he allowed the oneness to integrate into everything that was. Trinean, ironically, was not intentionally being utilitarian, but that was what he turned out to be. His wish to fill himself up with love and surround himself with this light created such a positive and loving environment for the natural world around him that so much good came of it.

On the days that followed Trinean’s ‘imaginings,’ he would often find that the flowers would smell a little more fragrant, and the colo[u]rs on their leaves would be just a little more vibrant. He would discover that the scent of the fruit would be just a little more enticing and that the taste of the vegetables he would eat would be just a bit more scrumptious. Trinean’s healing and positive intentions had such a lasting effect on the things around him. Nature was quite pleased that he was doing it and when nightfall struck that saw Trinean begin to outstretch his arms to imagine, it was as if nature took a deep sigh of relaxation. It knew that a healing presence was about to begin a journey of discovery. Nature knew that love and light was on the way.

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