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The Power Within August 13, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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“Quiet your mind, quiet your mind,” was what he was always told. For some reason, it never really sunk in. Phidin (pronounced fidd-in) always thought that he never really understood what that meant because people always told him and never showed him. Of course, when Phidin would tell people that he needed them to show it to him, they laughed at him. How could someone show him (or anyone for that matter) how to quiet his mind? To quiet one’s mind is something that needed to be figured out for one’s self is what they would always told him. Now, how was that going to help him?

He had heard the same phrase in so many ways: Still your mind, quiet your mind, control your thoughts, don’t listen to your thoughts, listen to your thoughts, be silent, be still, be like the candle, be like the wave, and on and on and on. None of these analogies or metaphors seemed to do the trick for him. Maybe it was because there seemed to be no value in all of it to him. Everyone he had talked to about this seemed to be doing it for some reason or another. Almost always, he could distill their reason down to a search for peace. Phidin had always been quite peaceful, so he didn’t really think he needed to go and find more peace. He wondered if that were true or if he could actually be more peaceful than hew already was?

It was hard to fathom for him. Phidin was a quiet guy who almost always had a smile on his face. Peace was something that he seemed to almost be born with. He would walk down the street handing out smiles as if they were some form of currency. Everyone responded in kind and kept the chain of happiness going. Still, there was something about this peace thing that made him want to see just what it was about.

He had the intention in mind one day that he was going to really figure out why everyone, for most of his life, continued to tell him that he needed to quiet his mind. On his daily walk, he noticed someone on his path that had an unfamiliar face, but a familiar way about him. Phidin engaged him in a brief conversation and quite quickly, they broached the subject of where Phidin was off to. He explained to the man, with an almost off-hand demeanor, that he was going to go and quiet his mind. The man laughed in response to this remark, which puzzled Phidin.

Phidin probed the man about why he was laughing and he explained, “There is a power within you that stretches beyond the tops of the mountains, beyond the reaches of the ocean, and beyond the shine from the stars. This power is buried so deep within you that you have no idea it’s there. When you still your mind long enough to realize what’s there, you just might scare yourself.” And the man was off. He left Phidin standing in the middle of the path with his jaw hanging.

As Phidin stared in the direction of where the man continued walking he pondered what he said, ‘there is a power within you.’ He wondered if the man was right, ‘is there a power within me?’ Could I have missed it? Do I really not know it’s there? Many questions that was for sure, but no answers.

Now Phidin was wondering if maybe he should start to take this a little more seriously, which was a little odd. He wondered why the words of a complete familiar stranger would prompt him to want to take this more seriously. He reflected on some of the attributes present in the stranger. There was something about the way that he smiled at Phidin that made him think that he had met him before or maybe he had seen him in a dream. Yes! That was it! He had seen that man in his dream at one point. Could that be? Could he really have foreseen a man he was to meet on a path at some later time who was going to tell him about the power within him? It was all quite odd to Phidin.

Phidin continued walking down the path – he had a destination to reach. The meeting with the man on the path was too synchronistic that he just had to go ahead and see what it was all about – quieting his mind, that is. He had to go and see if there really was a power within him that stretched beyond the tops of the mountains and shined brighter than the stars. He had a sneaking suspicion that they all were right.



1. Brown Eyed Mystic - August 14, 2010

I hope Phidin found what he was seeking so longingly. I think about the same at times: what is it like, the mind’s quietening? Sometimes, I have been fortunate enough to have a glimpse of things otherwise unimaginable–like a deep connection with things, or a passing of a energy through me. All of it making me feel that though physically am here, ethereally, I am out there, with the other energies, all of us combining in the form of light. Yes, light definitely has a lot to do with these mysterious visuals I encounter. Music helps reach this state, too, at times. I yet don’t know what it all means. Or do I?

A lovely post, Sage. I read it first thing in morning, and was refreshed.


TheIntentionalSage - August 14, 2010

I’m really glad that this imagining could stir up all of this great stuff for you. 🙂

On another note, I think it’s ironic how when the imagining happens to be posted at a different time of day that it seems to be just the ‘right’ time for someone else in another part of the world.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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