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Listen to the Breeze August 12, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Anavera (pronounced ann-uh-veer-uh) was lying face-up on the Earth looking up at the sky. Lying on the ground with her spine fully erect was something she thoroughly enjoyed doing. Being on the ground was like being in a different axis, plane, or dimension. She was completely free. She imagined that how she felt when she was lying on the ground was how people felt way back when they used to go up to space in ‘rocket-ships.’ She remembered reading that they felt like they were weightless (not to be confused with massless). When she lied on the ground, she felt like she was weightless. She felt like she could move her arms and legs in any which way and there was no ‘force’ acting upon her.

As she gazed up into the sky with a smile from ear-to-ear, she began to notice that the clouds were moving. This was not a new notion to her, she knew that the wind acted as a ‘force’ upon the clouds and so, moved through space. However, Anavera had failed to witness this act. Today, she seemed lucky enough to be able to see with her own eyes that the wind did in fact move the clouds in the sky. Sometimes she did wonder if some of the stuff that she thought up was actually real, or if she was just imagining it. To this point, Anavera had never really been able to recognize her ‘imagining’ in being-ness.

There were lots of things that she had imagined, but most of these things were thing she hadn’t been able to see with her eyes. However, today, she was able to witness that the clouds actually did move. She understood that this was supposed to be as a result of the wind, but she had never been able to actually see the wind, so she just had to ‘believe’ that this was the case. It was a rather odd thing – to believe something without seeing. Her great-grandparents always used to talk to her about it: “People always used to say that they’d believe it when they’d see it. Little did they know that they wouldn’t be able to see it until they believed it.”

It was one of the things that always stuck with Anavera when she was growing up. She had to believe something before she was going to see it. She considered what she had been able to see today – the clouds. She did believe that the wind was able to act upon the clouds and move them through space and then she was able to see it. Anavera wondered what else that she was [not] believing that she was [not] seeing. It was sort of a difficult thing to understand. If she didn’t believe something, she wasn’t going to be able to see it. If she believed something, she was more likely to see it.

Anavera began to think about some of the things that she didn’t believe and then, apparently, hadn’t seen. She also began reflecting on some of the things that she did believe and therefore, had seen. Lastly, she began to think about some of the things that she believed, but that she hadn’t yet been able to see. One of these things included the wind. She believed that the wind was there, but she had never really been able to see it. She saw it acting upon things, like the clouds, the rain, and other things in nature, but she hadn’t seen it. Maybe she didn’t need to see the wind to know that it existed. In her heart, she knew that there was wind, yes, and maybe that was enough. Maybe she didn’t need to actually see the wind. Had anyone ever seen the wind?

As she said this, she was gazing up at the sky and she could see a particular tree in her peripheral view. When she said, ‘had anyone ever seen the wind?’ the tree’s leaves began to move. This drew her attention away from the clouds in the sky and allowed her to focus solely on the tree. She asked the question again and again the leaves began to shake. This was unbelievable! It was as if the wind was talking to her. She wondered if she was seeing things or if the wind was actually responding to her questions. She thought she’d ask one more time just to see if this was really happening, or if she was… and of course. Just as she had the thought of the question, she got her answer – the leaves were shaking.

Wow, what a sight to behold, Anavera thought. The wind was actually talking to her, Anavera, while she lied on the ground looking up at it. While she was in her favo[u]rite place to be. She wondered if there was anything else that she wanted to ask the wind, while she had its attention, of course. As she had that thought, she noticed that the leaves were shaking again, almost as if answering her internal question whether or not she had any other questions. She thought a bit about what it was that she was meant to ask next. During this period of thinking, she noticed that the wind had taken hold of her hair and began to blow it a little bit into her face. She thought that this was a little odd. Clearly, the wind was trying to communicate with her, but she wasn’t sure what it was that it was trying to say.

Again, Anavera reflected a bit on what was happening in an attempt to discern what was happening. Then it came to he, just like the wind came to her and blew the hair into her face. The wind, it would always be there. No matter how she was feeling or what she was thinking, the wind was going to be something that she could always count on for guidance, assistance, and counsel when she wanted it. The wind was an omnipresent force that could literally swoop down and comfort her when she wanted it. As she had these thoughts she looked up at the tree and it was rustling more than it had for any of her other questions. Not only the leaves, but the hair on her head was blowing all through her face.



1. Brown Eyed Mystic - August 12, 2010

Truly, how can we see something unless we believed in it? Though for many this would mean pointless, I trust in believing. Thank you for reminding me this.


TheIntentionalSage - August 13, 2010

This idea of having to believe something before you see it is against the ‘norm’ and somewhat counterintuitive (until one actually considers it, and then realizes that it’s actually MORE intuitive than it is counterintuitive).

While I am writing about this as an ‘imagining,’ there is also scientific evidence to support it [when I say scientific, I mean that researchers at a university have studied this phenomenon in laboratories and concluded the same thing]. Unfortunately, results from truely scientific journals don’t get published in our daily newspaper and when they do, they are often misquoted.

As well as scientific evidence, there are also anecdotal accounts of this phenomenon, too. I’m speaking specifically to the Native Americans in North America when Columbus came over with his ships. The Natives didn’t see the ships (because they couldn’t conceive of them), but they saw these people APPEAR on the beach as if they were Gods (or something like it).

It kind of makes one wonder… what am I not believing that is actually all around me… 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

2. balladeer - August 14, 2010

I really got a kick out of this post! Interesting blog.

TheIntentionalSage - August 14, 2010

It’s nice to hear that you enjoyed it. I’m just doing what I can with the power that I was given (the same power that we were all given). Some of the imaginings (or posts) that you’ll find here even take ‘me’ on a journey that I hadn’t expected when I sit down to imagine them.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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