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Whether or not, it’s still Weather August 11, 2010

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Tocano (pronounced toe-cah-noh) was sitting cross-legged near the shore. For some reason, he always found that he was able to do his best thinking here. Maybe it was the sand, maybe it was the ocean, maybe it was the waves. He didn’t really need to know what aspect of this spot allowed him to come to such brilliant conclusions. Maybe it was the whole of the area combined. That is to say, maybe it was the waves and the sand and the ocean all put-together. Regardless, he liked it here, so he kept coming back.

On this particular afternoon he was reflecting back on a conversation that he had with his grandmother. He had come to learn that she was such a wise lady and it wasn’t even intentionally. She was just chatting with him and through the chatting, was able to convey a great deal of wisdom. Little did Tocano know, much of that had to do with his own ability to glean the wisdom from their conversations. Wisdom can be staring someone in the face – it doesn’t mean that they’ll see it (or hear it).

The conversation that Tocano was thinking back to, specifically, was a chat that he had with his grandma about the weather. Just remembering the topic made him laugh. It seemed to be a fairly innocuous topic, the weather, and so he didn’t realize just how deep it was.

His grandma was telling him about what it was like when her grandparents were still alive and what it was like to be alive when they were younger. Tocano’s grandmother explained that people, often afraid to talk about themselves with strangers because they were unsure of themselves and lacking self-love, would often talk about the weather. Even reflecting back on this surprised Tocano. The weather. Why on Earth would people talk about the weather as if it were a good thing or a bad thing? He always thought that this was like saying, ‘oh, that’s a bad tree because it’s growing so straight and tall… and that’s a good tree over there because it’s got lots of branches off of it.’ He thought it to be quite random.

At first, his grandmother nodded in approval, or so he thought. Yes, it seemed that talking about the weather was, in fact, quite random. However, she continued to talk more about this and as she did, he listened with all of his ears. She went on to talk in more detail about why people spoke about the weather and not other things when interacting with people. She explained with greater specificity how people of her grandparents’ time had needed to avoid talking about themselves because of many of their fears. Talking about the weather became some agreed upon way to circumvent having any ‘real’ conversation with someone for a short period of time. How this happened was still unknown, but it seemed like it happened almost out of requirement. Two people standing next to each other in what people used to call ‘elevators’ and their inability to be comfortably in their own skin precipitated the need to speak, albeit, unnecessarily, about something, anything. An idea popped into one of their heads – weather! It had been atypical for what this particular person had been accustomed to seeing this time of year, so he broached that subject. Tension was released and the other person followed suit – talking about the weather. And so… a custom was born.

When people were in a situation in which they felt uncomfortable and felt like they were supposed to be speaking, they would talk about the weather. Hearing his grandmother recall the beginnings of this social more really got Tocano thinking about it. He understood why it was weather that they were talking about, but he really wanted to know the deeper why. This was a surface ‘why’ and those can always be found for those who are quickly breezing over a topic. He knew that there must have been a deeper meaning as to why weather was the topic that was discussed and not something that was on that box-thingy that people used to spend so much time sitting in front of – a television, he thought, was what he grandparents told him it was called.

As he looked out across the ocean and watched the waves cap and fall well out from the shore he allowed a different part of his brain to mull over the topic. Weather. There must have been something to it…

Of course! Why didn’t he see it before!?

Weather is part of nature. Humans are part of nature. Humans are nature. Weather is nature. By extension, humans are part of the weather. Humans are the weather. He laughed. When this man in the elevator was so afraid of the silence and didn’t want to talk about ‘himself,’ but of course, he did. When he broached the subject of the weather, he was finding another way to talk about himself. Tocano laughed again – a little harder. This man’s subconscious (or intuition, maybe) had fed him the topic of the weather because it allowed him to speak about himself in a way that was more comfortable for his conscious mind. People of his grandparents’ grandparents’ generation always used the weather as a way to talk to someone with whom they felt awkward or if they didn’t know what else to say. By doing this, they were really connecting over themselves as the weather, and nature, are part of them and they are part of it. Talking about the weather, while seemingly random and innocuous couldn’t be further from. Talking about the weather can actually be deeply spiritual and highly fulfilling – and not just in the relieving tension kind of way.

Tocano looked across the beach and could see two people walking hand-in-hand in the distance. Of all the people over all the years who talked about the weather. There must have been millions of billions of conversations had just about the weather. Little did these people know that they were actually bonding in a very non-random and intentional way.



1. Lua - August 12, 2010

“humans are part of the weather”
Yes we are! I believe if we know how to listed, the wind, the rain, the snow will talk to us…
As always, lovely story! I love the grandmother character 🙂

TheIntentionalSage - August 12, 2010

Wouldn’t that be something… Having a conversation with the wind, rain, or snow. I think that this might turn up in an imagining somewhere down the road… 😉

Thank you for your kind words. They are definitely encouragement to continue on ‘imagining.’

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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