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The Cycle of Circumstance August 10, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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It was storming outside. The rain was crashing down heavy and hard. She could hear the sound of the rain on the roof striking so hard it sounded almost like it was hailing outside. Webolie (pronounced web-ole-ee) couldn’t remember the last time that it rained so hard. She literally, couldn’t remember. This was odd to her as she usually had a good memory. She surmised the irony of the situation because the rain seemed to coincide with what seemed to be a strange time in her life – almost as if nature was conspiring to add pathetic fallacy to her life. Even though this seemed to be, Webolie knew that this was not the case.

She knew that nature was not conspiring against her – what a silly notion. Nature, if anything, conspired for her. She listened as the rain continued to pound into the ground. At this point in her life, she noticed that there seemed to be somewhat of a downturn, or at least what some may consider to be a spiral down. Try as she did, Webolie had a hard time to come to grips with the fact that it seemed like her life was not going the way she wanted. She had done a lot of work trying to ascertain why it was that she thought her life should be going any differently than it was going. She knew that breadth of knowledge beyond what she thought she had. The problem only be that she was maybe attempting to go against it.

The rain continued to serenade her. As she looked out at the rain, she thought that maybe instead of wishing the rain away, she should embrace it. Webolie thought that maybe she should welcome the rain with open arms for what it was bringing to her – wetness, moisture, and strangely enough, music. The rain made music wherever it was. Some people chastise the rain for doing its job. She laughed, how silly that someone would wish away something from nature in its original state. Rain is meant to rain. Why is it that anyone would wish against the rain?

She continued to sit with her thoughts about the rain and how some people didn’t like the rain. She noticed an interesting parallel: people didn’t like the rain just like they didn’t like seemingly ‘downward’ spirals in their life. Hmmm… Maybe downward spirals in one’s life shouldn’t be scolded either. Maybe they are just as much part of one’s life as the rain is part of the cycle of nature. Webolie thought that now she was getting somewhere. People wish away the rain just as they wish away the seemingly negative time in their life.

Maybe these negative times are important for appreciating the good times. Hmmm… Maybe these negative times are important for learning about what’s happening to one’s self in the negative times. That made more sense for Webolie. When negativity seemed to be rearing its *beautiful* head, it was difficult to find the beauty in it. She gazed out into the rain and noticed how wonderful the rain looked as it fell to the ground. It was almost peaceful. The rain was rejoining the soil and allowing things to grow. The rain was nurturing. Negative scenarios, while not seemingly positive, can still be nurturing. When one is in somewhat of a downward spiral, there is something to be learned. Yes, Webolie thought.

The rain began to break and the clouds began to part… almost as if on cue. She thought it to be quite serendipitous how nature was seemingly agreeing with her thoughts when they came. This particular thought seemed even more poignant given what she was looking at – a rainbow. In all its glories – blues, greens, reds, yellows, oranges… It was awe-inspiring.

The thought she had was that no matter how bad things seem when things are perceived to be going “poorly,” things eventually get better. In fact, it’s almost as if things are at their absolute best immediately following some sort of downward spiral. Hmmm… As she looked out at the rainbow and continued to draw conclusions and parallels from what was happening she thought of a witty way to sum it up: the rainbows of life follow the storm. Webolie had to laugh at herself how much one’s life parallel the existence of nature. When things were perceived to be going badly, or if one was in a storm, eventually, things turn out to be alright and sometimes even better than before – a rainbow.



1. bendedspoon - August 12, 2010

when things turn bad
i just knew that something good will happen
when things turn good
i do not immediately invite the bad
i feel good while things are good
and yes, sometimes i choose to feel good
when things are bad
because i knew…i just knew… 🙂

TheIntentionalSage - August 12, 2010

You sound like you stay very even-keel and level-headed regardless of what’s happening around you. This is a very useful perspective. 🙂

Regardless of where things seem to be (either good or bad), the one thing that we can always count on is that it is going to change.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

2. bendedspoon - August 12, 2010

Intentional Sage
i learned from experience
i used to go crazy
when things aren’t easy
now, i stretch my patience
‘this too shall pass’, they say
so i just know it’ll gonna be okay.

thank you for your enlightenment 🙂

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