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Celebration of Life August 8, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Haleinda (pronounced ha-lee-un-day) was lying under shelter as she watched the rain pouring to the ground. It was as if the rain hadn’t seen the Earth in a really long time and it was trying to do all of its catching up at once. It was quite extraordinary, she thought, to see this wonderful display of awesome power, because the rain really was powerful. The rain could knock down trees. The rain could collect as water and then move extremely heavy objects like boulders from being in the way. Nothing was able to hold up against rain when it really had a purposive act.

As she continued to watch the rain, she noticed that there weren’t any birds out chirping their familiar tunes. This was somewhat puzzling. She wondered where the birds went when it rained. Almost as if on cue, the rain began to recede, the clouds parted just a bit, and the sun came out. Seeing the sun came out totally distracted Haleinda from what she was thinking about. The big cumulonimbus clouds no longer looked so daunting as the rays of the sun poked through to light up the afternoon sky. She looked off into the distance and even noticed the faintest beginnings of a rainbow. It was hard not to smile when seeing this kind of beauty that nature has to offer.

Her ears were met with a splendid rendition of joy – the birds had come out to sing. Haleinda began to reflect again on what she was thinking about before nature reminded her of its beauty. Birds and the rain. As she began to contemplate this, she also came to conclude that the birds might not be singing to communicate with each other. It might be that the birds are singing just because they can sing. Maybe the birds are so happy that they just can’t contain themselves, so they sing. Haleinda laughed. It seemed like an outrageous idea, but it is altogether plausible and she liked thinking that the birds sang their song because they could. Why shouldn’t people do what they love?

She continued to think about the birds and the rain. There was something to this. When the rain came out to show itself, the birds are nowhere to be found. How strange. It’s almost as if the birds are off somewhere ‘praying’ that the world will once again be a place where they can sing their song. In the rain, it would be awfully difficult to hear the song of a bird. The rain can be pretty hard and heavy – when it’s connecting with the trees and the Earth, it’s hard to focus on anything else. Haleinda continued to think about this for a moment. Maybe the birds really were off intending to themselves that the world was going to return to a place where they are able to sing. She quickly imagined what it would be like to live in a world where she was unable to do the things that made her feel joyful. It was not a place that she wanted to visit.

Haleinda started to conclude that the birds, they must be off somewhere intending that the world will once again allow them to sing their song. And then, when the clouds part and the sun comes out, the birds slowly peak out of where they are to notice that things are returning to allow them to, for lack of a better phrase, be themselves. One by one they begin to congregate in the areas where they used to meet-up – usually in trees. Tentatively, one will begin to sing its song and this seems to give permission to everyone else to begin singing their song. Before you know it, there is an awe-inspiring chorus of song.

It’s as if the birds are singing to rejoice in life once the rain recedes. It’s as if the birds are celebrating life. Haleinda thought that this was rather wonderful. The birds, after intending that the world return to a place where they can once again, perform their passion, become grateful. The birds are thanking nature for allowing them to be themselves and go on singing their song. Haleinda looked up at the birds and bowed her head in gratitude for helping her to realize just how important it is to rejoice in nature.

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