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Nature is Everywhere You Look August 7, 2010

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Throwein (pronounced tro-ween) enjoyed being outside. It was one of his favo[u]rite things to do. For him, nature was nurturing. Just being outside in the open, expansive, and fresh air… so electric! He found the outside to be much more comforting than the inside. It wasn’t that he didn’t like being inside, but he just didn’t see a reason to be inside when there was so much happening outside. Outside there were trees. Outside there were birds. Outside there were cats. Outside there were dogs. Outside there were flowers. Outside there was sky. Outside there was grass. Outside – had everything anyone could ever possibly want or need.

Throwein looked around to take in all the beauty that he was able to witness with his physical eyes. No matter which direction he looked, there was something to be seen that was happening in that very moment. To nature, there was no past or future – only present. It only functioned in a right now kind of mentality and it didn’t care who was witnessing and who wasn’t witnessing. It could be watched by everyone or no one and anyone and it would still go on doing what it needs to do. In fact, what it does, is just that. It goes on. If one part of seems to be stopping, that is likely only a result of it ceasing to continue in the form of being perceived from your physical eye. Really, nature never stops. It is forever.

He slowly walked over to a flower to spend a little more time studying it. He wanted to see if he could actually witness the flower moving at some point. He must have spent 3+ hours being with the flower and staring into it. The whole time he was there with the flower seemed like a matter of minutes to him, but really, hours had passed while he stared at it. Throwein was experiencing what some people experience when they spend time with nature – timelessness. It was a common occurrence when people really let themselves go and be with nature.

He got the inkling to get up and go and sit with an animal that had just lied down nearby – a dog. This dog seemed to be a dog of the community’s. No one in particular owned it, in the sense where people from when his grandparents lived. In that era, people used to talk of “owning” pets or “having” babies, but Throwein understood that no one could own anyone else (or anything for that matter). Simply, to have a pet is to have a friend. This particular dog was not any one person’s pet, but a pet for the community. Everyone seemed to feed it and everyone seemed to love it, which made sense. However, it was not any one person’s responsibility to feed it nor was it any one person’s responsibility to love it. However, this dog did not go unloved, that is for sure.

He laid down next to the dog and began rubbing its belly. The dog seemed to enjoy this as it turned a little bit almost as if to offer more of its belly to Throwein. This allowed him to enjoy a great big smile and he began rubbing more vigorously. Throwein always had a soft spot for animals, particulary cute dogs like this one. As he rubbed the belly some more, he began to look around the area where he had chose to sat down and he noticed a few birds had collected in a nearby tree.

Throwein got up from where he was sitting to get closer to the tree. There was something about the birds that caught his eye, so he walked over to the tree. He gazed up into the tree and watched the birds. His ears were met with a charming melody of communication from the birds. Throwein always liked the songs that birds sung. He always thought that humans must have the same capacity to sing with such beauty and that they probably had the ability to harmonize with birds to sing in some sort of birdd/human choir. He always thought that this kind of an event would be fun to watch: a bird-human choir. It was something that he would want to attend if he imagined himself back when his grandpa used to talk of going to see people playing instruments made of plastic, metal, and wood.

He started to notice that his neck was hurting, so he looked down or away from the birds. In doing so, he noticed that there was something going on on the ground – right in front of him – ants. This made him chuckle. Nature was everywhere he looked.

He thought about this statement for a second: nature is everywhere he looked. To Throwein, this really was the truth. No matter where he looked, it seemed to be that nature was there. Nature was there when he looked out into the meadow. Nature was there when he looked up into the tree and saw the birds. Nature was there when he was rubbing the dog’s belly. Nature was there when he noticed the flower. Nature was there when his neck began to hurt causing him to look down and see the ants. Nature is everywhere all the time. He laughed. It was just a matter of opening his eyes to see it.

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