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The Patience of Nature August 6, 2010

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Nivol (pronounced nih-vull) considered himself an observant person. Whenever he was out and about, he was always very keen to take in his surroundings and more importantly, just what was happening in his surroundings. He would always keep his eyes and ears open. Not just his physical senses were aware of what was happening, but his subtle senses, too. This wasn’t something that he had to ‘effort.’ It seemed to just happen for him. When Nivol would go places or do things, he would always be very aware of everything that was going on around him. This was who he was.

The more he thought about it, the more he wondered just why this was. What was it about him that allowed him to be so in tune with everything? He loved to ponder things and things about himself in particular. He found that when he walked out into nature he was better able to ascertain an answer. So, he headed out for a slice of nature. Luckily for him, he lived in nature, so he didn’t have to venture too far from where he was. Regardless, he felt that by walking, or being in motion, he was better able to engage the part of his brain that allowed him to come up with solutions using non-rational ways of knowing [intuition].

As Nivol continued to ponder just what it was about himself that gave him these chances to take in more information than he could possibly imagine, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It was subtle, but something that caught his attention. He turned to get a closer look at what it was. As he stared closer at the space where something caught his attention, he began to be unsure of what he was looking at. He didn’t tell his body to turn and look at the space, it just sort of did it on his own. He was looking in the direction of where his body was facing, but he was still not clear what he was looking at. This was rather puzzling, but he thought he’d get back to what he was thinking about.

He went back into the same thinking mode he was before, moving around gently to allow his intuition to flow through more clearly. Just as before, something caught his eye and his body turned to see what it was. And just as before, he wasn’t sure what he was looking at. Nivol thought that the first time could have been attributed to an accident, but he was smart enough to know that if it happened again, it was no accident. This was a synchronicity – true and true. He walked in the direction that his body was facing so as to get a better understanding of what it was he was to be looking at. He didn’t consider the possibility that he wasn’t looking at anything, so he continued on with this line of thinking.

He was getting closer and closer to a plant, but the plant didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. He began to examine the plant’s leaves with a little more discernment and noticed a snail. He thought this to be rather odd. He was accustomed to seeing snails on the ground and not on plant leaves. Nivol wondered if snails on the ground were trying to get to the leaves. He thought that maybe the leaves were their final destination and he had always seen them on their journey to their destination. As he thought a little bit more about the snail and its journey he had a Eureka moment!

He thought that the snail must be able to observe all that is happening around him and by extension, must be able to see that things move a lot faster than it does. The snail, though, it just keeps on plugging away at a pace that is suitable to its needs and desires. It is in no hurry to get from where it is to where it is going. It just keeps going – relentlessly – until it gets there. The pace is not important to the snail. Nivol broadened his focus to the plant.

The plant doesn’t try to grow faster than it can – it grows at its own pace. It grows at a pace that is suitable to the conditions that it lives in. When the seed starts in the ground, it doesn’t race up to be a stalk. It shoots out roots, so that the plant will have support when it grows tall. Nivol broadened his focus again – this time to the forest. The trees, like the plant, don’t try to grow faster than they can. They grow at the pace that is normal for them to grow at. They allow the roots to grow before they begin growing tall. Again, Nivol broadened his focus. This time, to all of nature.

He reflected that nothing in nature seemed to be in a hurry. Everything about it was and is, patient. Nature grows at a pace that some people might deem slow, if it were the pace that they lived at, but not nature. It seems content to grow in a moment-to-moment kind of way. It grows and lives at a pace that is exemplary and is an example. Nivol thought that he had just discovered another layer of truth present in nature. The pace of nature is patient and by extension, the pace of humans, because humans are part of nature, needn’t be rushed. Humans can be patient.

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