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Live into the Mud August 5, 2010

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It wasn’t often that she let herself go, but today was different. Today was a day where she felt like there was infinite potential. While there wasn’t actually anything different about today from any other day, Chrina (pronounced chreen-uh) felt like it was, so she was going to treat it differently. She knew that there was to be lots of rain this afternoon, and this made her wonder about how she could do something totally radical. She thought long and hard about what she could do to make today drastically different from any other day she had been in for quite some time. After much thought and deliberation it came to her – mud.

She couldn’t remember the last time that she rolled around and played in the mud. It was something that she often did when she was younger and it was raining heavily outside. Chrina knew that there was going to be much rain today like there had been when she was a kid, so she thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of spontaneity – really reach out and live into life.

Chrina really liked to mull things over, but this time, she was just going to go out and do it! There was something about being spontaneous that was hard, and at the same time, very easy. Chrina had considered many of the options for what she could do today and concluded that the mud excursion would be the most fun. Ironically, it was also something that made her feel really warm and fuzzy inside, too. It was that feeling that she got when she knew that something was right in the world. She had been getting that feeling more often as the years went on, but when she was rolling around in the mud and having a good time, there was something that was absolutely perfect about the world.

She could hear the rain beginning to fall outside and this made her smile. It was getting close to the time where she would be reunited with the mud. It was a little strange to Chrina that she was thinking about mud in such a fun and entertaining way. She had always been told by other people how ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting’ the mud was, but she never could see where they were coming from. She thought that it might be that they were just perpetuating the belief systems of the people who told them that mud had these characteristics that they perceived. Inherently, mud was neither dirty nor disgusting. Mud was just mud. How could it be dirty or disgusting? Mud was just being itself. It only became a problem for those people who didn’t want mud on themselves. Chrina had a simple solution for people like that: “don’t get mud on ya.”

She began walking away from where she was staying – a smile from ear-to-ear. She was already imagining herself in the mud, rolling around with such glee. As she was having this imagining in her head, she felt some squishy and gooey beneath her feet. She had her eyes closed at the moment, so she opened them and glanced down to find – mud! Such delight! She jumped up and down listening to the sounds exuded by the air escaping from the mud as her heels and toes stomped onto the Earth. She also enjoyed the somewhat warm feeling between her toes from all of the yummy brownness. Chrina fell to her knees and began lifting some of the mud up off of the ground with her hands. She brought it to her face, so as to get a closer look at the mud. She smiled at it like it was an old friend that she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Chrina dropped the mud back to the Earth and then quickly lowered the rest of her body to the mud. She began rolling around and laughing with the gooey substance. It was an incredible feeling for Chrina to be united with what she considered to be such an important part of her life. The mud and her, they got along. She visited it when she could and  the mud was always there for her to return that feeling of joy. She started making ‘mud angels’ by extending her arms and legs out from her body. She used to do this in the snow sometimes, but she liked the feeling so much more of the mud against her arms and legs. It was quite delightful. She was definitely going to remember this experience of playing in the mud.

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