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Fortunes in the Desert August 4, 2010

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Dawine (pronounced daw-ween) enjoyed adventures. No, he loved adventures. Going on adventures was one of his favo[u]rite things to do. He enjoyed the mystique and the intrigue that happened when one ventured out into the wild. He had seen all kinds of things going on these adventures. He had seen great waterfalls, he had seen expansive open fields, he had seen countless beautiful forest, he had seen the wondrousness of the variety of skies, and he had seen mountains that seemed to go on forever.

Dawine had spent time traversing the terrain of the jungle and hiking some of the highest peaks on the planet. One of the places he hadn’t spent much time was in the desert. The desert was always an odd place to him. There was so much sand. There was something very comforting and at the same time, exciting, about sand. He wasn’t sure what it was and he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t spent more time traveling in deserts. One thing he knew for sure, his next adventure was going to be in the desert.


He set off for an adventure in the desert. He had prepared the necessary things to take with him because he was going to go on a magnificent journey into the desert. He knew he would survive, there was no question about it. He was excited because he was curious as to what treasures he would uncover in the desert. He wasn’t looking for buried treasure, no, but he was looking to have an adventure and he was sure to get that by traveling into the desert. The treasures he was looking for were experiences. Given that he hadn’t spent much time in the desert, he wanted to make this trip memorable and full of treasures (memories) that he could bring back and work with when he was back living in his tree-laden home.


It had been a few days since he had begun hiking into the desert. It was more expansive than he imagined. Once he got far enough into the desert and he looked behind him, it was almost as if he was in someone else’s imagination. He couldn’t see where he had come from and he couldn’t see where he was going. It wasn’t that he was physically blinded, although the sand storms tended to make that statement true at times, it was that there were no physical landmarks. When he looked to his left, he saw sand and sky. When he looked to his right, he saw sand and sky. When he looked forward, he saw sand and sky. When he looked backwards, he saw sand and sky. The only way he was able to navigate was through intuition. He could always trust his intuition.

He began walking in a very specific direction. He wasn’t exactly conscious of where he was going, but something told him that he was walking to something very specific. Part of him was excited to get to whatever it was that he was walking to and another part of him didn’t want to not be present to the moment that he was experiencing. Even though it seemed quite monotonous and repetitive, he felt that it wouldn’t be right to forgo these moments just because there was something ‘to’ go to. He continued being very deliberate with his movements. He would intentionally lift one fit and place it back into the sand and do the same with the other. Making sure to appreciate each moment for what it was – a wonderful gift.

As he gazed upon the horizon, he was able to see something in the distance. There was some sort of structure. Maybe it was a mountain, no, it couldn’t be. Whatever it was, it became quite clear to Dawine that this was where he was walking towards. He kept following his intuition until he was nearly upon the structure. While it may have only seemed like a few minutes, it more than likely took him closer to a few hours to get to the structure. Because of his present-focused energy, he wasn’t relating the same way to time that most people do. His sense of time was skewed because he was enjoying every second of his walk and not agonizing over how far he was from his destination.

When he finally got to where he was ‘going,’ he saw that it seemed to be some kind of rock-like structure. It was quite big and it seemed to take up his entire visual field. He thought that this was a great time to find some shade (as the sun had been quite hot on him, even through his clothes), and take in some fluids. He began walking around the mountainous structure to see if there was a shady spot on the other side and as he turned the corner…

Magnificence! He looked up to the top of the rock-face to find that there was something carved into the rock. It must have been over 100feet high! There were massive poles carved into the rock, archways, and such in great detail. On the poles there was some sort of inscription that was in a pattern as far up as he could see. The archways were carved so smoothly that it seemed that there was some sort of pinpoint accuracy used to create such a divine looking structure. Wow. Dawine was in absolute awe over the marvels he was looking at. He was grateful that someone (or many people?) took the time to create such an alluring carving. He had definitely found adventure in the desert and most definitely found a treasury-memory to take back with him.

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