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Iridescent Sky at Night August 3, 2010

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For most of Oleacha’s (pronounced oh-lee-ah-cha) life, she had been accustomed to the sun rising in the morning, setting in the evening, while the moon rose in the evening, and set in the morning. It was just the nature of things and how the cycle went. The sky would be bright blue during the day, if there were no clouds, and if there were clouds, the sky would be some form of white or grey depending on the type of cloud. When the sun was setting, Oleacha got to see magnificent purples, oranges, and sometimes reds. More often than not, the sunset, in her experience, was no bigger deal than anything else in her life.

It had been a typical day for Oleacha and the day was beginning to come to a close. The sun had long since set and as happened sometimes, the moon seemed to be hidden from view, but the stars were not. The stars were ever-present in the sky shining like little beacons of hope. They were shining with the hope that maybe, just maybe, things might be different tonight. The strange thing is that Oleacha had not been acting any differently on the outside. However, there had been something inside of her – inside of her wishing, hoping, and praying for something to be absolutely remarkable. Little did Oleacha know, she was about to have that prescription filled. . .

Oleacha was gazing into the cellular structure of a particular plant in her garden when something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. It was something reddish, which was quite shocking to her because she was not accustomed to seeing such a colo[u]r at night. With that, she turned her head to greet what was creating such a luminous event. As she gazed out into the sky she saw a wondrous colo[u]r that she had never experienced before after the sun had set – red! The sky at night was red! How could this be?

Oleacha had never seen such a blushing of red in the sky at night. It was odd that she thought she must have been dreaming or maybe there was something funny in her eye that was making her see red. As she had this thought, and almost as if on cue, the red in the sky began to turn to green! What was going on!? How could the sky at night change colo[u]rs from red to green? How could the sky at night even be red or green?

Needless to say, whatever was happening in the sky had completely captivated Oleacha’s attention. Whatever she had been thinking about or mulling or before was downright inconsequential as she was completely present to the experience of the red and the green in the sky. As she sat there and watched the green takeover the night sky, she was awe-struck at how the green seemed to dance in the sky. It was as if the green was on some sort of string and there was a puppet-master in some other dimension playing with the shades of the sky in this dimension. Oleacha couldn’t take her eyes off of what she was seeing.

As she looked closer at the green, she noticed that there were parts of the green that seemed to be blue. Now this was starting to burst some belief systems that she had. According to Oleacha, blue skies only happened during the day when the sun was out and now she was experiencing, with her own two eyes, the sky having pockets of blue during the night. Wow, just wow! As she watched the colo[u]rs continue to change red to green to blue, she remained mesmerized. Never in her wildest dreams would she have been able to imagine such beauty in the night sky full of intense hues.

This was starting to make her think: if the sky could go against everything I knew about it, what else in nature can illustrate its magnificence to me? She wondered is she might be overlooking some other things in nature that were beautiful or that had the potential to be beautiful simply because she had presupposed that she understood just how they worked. These were some interesting thoughts that provoked even more potential outcomes. This event was going to be something she remembered for the rest of her life.

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