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Taking a Higher Perspective August 2, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Today was to be the day. Little did Fidaole (pronounced feh-dow-lee) know that her parents had been waiting for this day for quite some time, but how could she know this when she was still getting used to what it felt like to live inside a body? Fidaole was playing in the grass, while her parents watched from afar. This was how most of Fidaole’s time was spent – exploring. She was allowed the opportunity to do pretty much whatever she wanted and given that she was still a baby, she wasn’t going to go off too far. Nonetheless, her parents were adamant about letting Fidaole do what it was that she wanted to do when she wanted. It was their opinion that Fidaole was not their baby, but just a gift that they were looking after until she was old enough to completely take care of herself.

That is not to say that Fidaole’s parents didn’t still do some of the important things that are necessary to the baby’s vitality (ie. touch, love, and feed), but there was no unnecessary picking her up. Meaning, once Fidaole was able to move on her own (via crawling), her parents never picked her up without her permission. How did the parents get permission? Simple. There was no need for communication via words in this instance. When Fidaole wanted to be picked up, she would, literally, crawl over into the lap of one of her parents. It was as easy as that.

Today was going to be a little different though. Today was the day that Fidaole’s parents had arranged for her to gain a whole new perspective on life. Fidaole has only known as far as she could crawl into the forest, around the grassy areas, and down by the stream. Interesting to note that it was particularly difficult for Fidaole’s parents to stay calm when she was playing near the stream. However, they understood that every baby is equipped wit h the ability to swimat birth! Think of all the time that babies spend inside the womb (water), and are able to survive just fine. Why would it be that someone would need to teach them how to swim?

This perspective that Fidaole was to gain today was going to be as a result of a winged friend – the eagle. Fidaole’s parents watched on as the eagle soared down to where Fidaole was and picked her up by her shoulders, being very careful not to pinch or pierce the skin. In the delicate grace that the eagle soared down with, it was up, up, and away. The eagle was carrying Fidaole up to about 100 feet above the ground and flying. This experience was to be one that Fidaole would not soon forget. With her big blue eyes she was able to take in the tops of trees, see the stream from up above, and learn that there were things that were bigger.

In Fidaole’s short time inside of a body, she was only able to see things from the perspective of being on the ground. She was never able to be ‘bigger’ or see things from up above. This experience with the eagle was going to show her how things looked from a different perspective and allow her to be able to shift her perception of the world. The eagle wasn’t finished with Fidaole as it gained some momentum and raised up to around 200 feet. Fidaole began giggling with glee. This was an overwhelmingly exciting experience for her as is clear from the release of joy in the form of laughter.

Individual trees began to look smaller as the eagle took her higher to 300 feet, but Fidaole noticed that there seemed to be a collection of trees that kind of formed ‘one tree.’ It was remarkable that a baby was able to gain this kind of perspective and in this kind of way. Fidaole’s parents had lost sight of the the eagle and Fidaole, but they weren’t nervous. They understood that this was an important part of Fidaole’s life – an event that she’d never forget and something that would undoubtedly help her in learning about the world. To this point, Fidaole had only ever learned about how things worked through the natural world at her feet. That is to say, she was only able to interact with the things that were within her reach. With this journey she was on, she was able to see how things worked from a ‘macrocosm-ic’ level, while looking down at a ‘microcosm’ that she had been in. It was fantastic.

Fidaole continued to soar through the air with the eagle – the wind rushing past her face and through her hair. This was another experience that she had never had. Being so close to the ground, she rarely felt the wind and almost didn’t know what it was until this journey. There were so many new things that Fidaole was learning that it was hard to keep track of consciously, but that was alright. Her parents knew that it wasn’t important for Fidaole to take things in consciously during this flight. It was only important that she have this experience because it was to be her subconscious memory that would draw in this experience for decades to come.


1. Nondualmind - August 3, 2010

I love the way you use your stories or ‘imaginings’ to nudge us, not only into thinking outside the box to achieve broader perspectives, but along the path toward deeper layers of truth as seen through the “aha” moments of your characters. Wonderful!

Diana (Nondualmind)

TheIntentionalSage - August 3, 2010

Thank you for your kind words. I never really considered that these ‘imaginings’ were nudging readers to think outside the box. My sole intention was to create possibilities. I’m glad that it could serve this double purpose – albeit unintentionally. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

2. Nondualmind - August 3, 2010

Sometimes, I feel, we need to “think outside the box” in order to see the possibilities. Too many spend their days in a more linear frame of mind dealing with the mundane aspects of life. I notice how you use nature to nurture the birth of these possibilities. The way I see it, connecting with nature is the connection to spirit, which get us out of the box and allows the flow of possibilities. We become inspired – or “in spirit.”

Diana (Nondualmind)

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