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Familiar Forevermore August 1, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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She lifted her head as she awoke from her slumber and stretched her limbs to increase some of the energy flow to them as she was just about to begin using them. She got up onto her legs and began looking around – it was morning. She was surprised that she had slept all through the night. Usually, some of the sounds from the forest startle her awake at some point throughout the night, but not last night. Last night, she slept, as some might say, like a baby. She began to take in some of the sights and smells of where she was. In doing this, she realized that she was a little hungry, so she started to chew on some grass.

The idea that grass wasn’t an adequate meal always puzzled her and she pondered this thought as she continued to eat grass. This particular bit of grass was quite tasty, so she attempted to ascertain whether or not there was any equally nutritious grass in the neighborhood of it. Luckily, she found some more, and began to chew on it, too. It was a lovely day, she thought. The sun was beginning to peak out through the clouds, it wasn’t too hot. Recently, she had been quite hot, but she guessed that it was to be expected with the sun being in the sky for longer. The temperature had been gradually increasing over the last little while, but it seemed that today was going to be a cooler day, or that the temperature was on its way to being cool again. Regardless, she was happy that today was cool and not scorching hot.

She started to walk amongst the trees in the forest, examining areas here and there as she went. She had a very keen sense of smell, so she was able to tell if there had been something with a different scent come through the areas that she usually kept an eye on. To her surprise, there were no new smells in the usual spots that she was checking, so she began to wander out deeper into the forest. She didn’t have any particular destination in mind, or she thought. She was just walking and enjoying things along the way. To some degree, she was following her nose, but that was merely because she was smelling the various scents left along the way.

Along her walk, she picked up a scent – it was familiar. This was surprising to her because she wasn’t able to discern just what it was, but she knew that she had smelled it before. She followed it a little farther into the forest, around bushes, under tree roots, between leaves, and over mossy rocks. It was almost as if this trail was being left for her to follow. She kept following the scent and as she did, the smell got stronger. She knew that this must have meant that she was getting closer to where the thing that left the smell would be there. She started to smell faster and move quicker. She knew that she was almost there…

Out of the corner of her eye, something jumped on top of her and tackled her to the ground. Her heart was beating so fast! She was being attacked! The two of them wrestled around on the ground, trying to claw and bite at each other. And then it all stopped.

The thing that had surprised her started to lick the side of her face – it was her friend. Then she started to lick the side of its face as they began to re-acquaint themselves to each other. They were friends and its always nice to see old friends. They did a once over of each other, smelling to see where each had been. It had been quite a long time since they last saw each other. They usually kept to completely different parts of the forest, but for some reason, today, they had happened to be in an area near each other. Thankfully, they were able to remember that they were friends. The two wolves lied together enjoying the company of each other.

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