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Experiencing the Rain July 31, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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The sky looked as if it was full and nearly ready to burst. Yeonin (pronounced yee-oh-neen) seemed almost oblivious to what was happening. He just continued on walking. He didn’t have any particular destination in mind, just to walk. At times, he felt like he had been everywhere and done everything, but he knew that this was not true. However, maybe on some level it was. He always thought that he went places when he was dreaming, but he was never sure and he didn’t know how he was ever going to figure it out, if he actually was going places while he was sleeping.

Yeonin didn’t think he was sleepwalking, no. He thought that maybe when his body slept, part of his being went somewhere else on the planet. Again, he had no way of proving this, but he had many inklings that this might be the case and some circumstantial evidence. Sometimes, he would sleep really long. That is to say, he would sleep longer than normal and it wouldn’t be as a result of him staying up late the night before or something like that. On some days, he would sleep for 12 hours, when he was usually accustomed to getting somewhere between 7 and 8 hours. The strange part, he thought, was that when he woke up from nights like this, it was almost as if he felt like he didn’t get enough sleep. He always thought that was a bit absurd – sleep for longer and feel sleepier.

He kept on walking until he glanced up to notice the sky. He couldn’t remember the last time it rained, but he was pretty sure he could count on when it was going to rain next. As he was looking up at the massive cumulonimbus clouds, a droplet fell on his forehead – smack dab in the middle of his forehead. It fell very near to where some people would consider there to be a ‘third-eye’ in one’s head.

When the droplet fell onto this spot, Yeonin felt a little bit of pain. It was strange to him. Rain had never hurt him before and he didn’t understand how it could hurt him now. He laughed, but he was a little irked by what had just happened. He tried to shrug it off and he continued walking as he reflected further on going places while he was sleeping. As he did this, another droplet of rain fell. This time, instead of landing on his forehead, it landed in front of him and it didn’t just land like other droplets did. The unique part about this droplet was that as it was falling, when it reached the eye-height of Yeonin it was almost as if it started to fall in slow motion. It was as if someone had slowed down the gravitational effects on the rain droplet and it was falling at a snail-like pace.

This was a little disconcerting to Yeonin as he had never seen rain do this. In fact, he had never heard of anyone ever having an experience like this with rain. It was all starting to be a bit too strange for Yeonin. He wasn’t sure if he should keep walking or if he should stay put. As he had the thought “stay put,” another droplet fell, this time, square onto the top of his head. This particular water droplet felt like it was heavy. It didn’t hurt Yeonin when it fell onto him, but it did feel like the water droplet was ‘heavier’ than other water. He wondered what this meant. He wondered if maybe the rain was trying to communicate with him. Was the rain telling him to stay put?

He thought that this was all a bit absurd. How could the rain communicate with him? Rain doesn’t communicate, does it? Almost as if on cue, the rain started falling around him. It seemed to fall everywhere, but on him. This began creating a dry circle for Yeonin to stand or maybe sit in. He looked around his periphery and noticed that it was only raining around him and nowhere else. This was quite puzzling, but he figured he might as well investigate a little further to see just what was going on, so he sat down.

He wondered just what he was supposed to be doing. Was he supposed to talk out loud or something. He noticed that there had been a correlation between when he had thoughts and when there seemed to be a response from the rain, so he started ‘thinking’ his questions for the rain – it responded. So the rain was communicating with Yeonin. How bizarre, he thought.

He wondered what it was that he was supposed to be gleaning from this interaction from the rain and as he had that thought, of course, the rain responded. The rain began pouring down on him. At first, Yeonin thought that this was disparaging and that he was supposed to get up and walk away, but when he thought that thought, the rain just started pouring down harder. Then, he thought, maybe he should stay. The rain let up just a bit (as if to say, yes, you’re right), and then it went back to its downpour.

It took him a bit of time to realize, but as the rain was falling onto him, it was communicating with him. Somehow, as the water came into contact with his skin, it was communicating to Yeonin. This was wonderful, he thought! The rain, communicating with him. He was getting answers to so many questions that he had over the years. He began laughing and smiling with glee to the point where he fell over laughing. He even got the answer that he had been attempting to figure out just that day. But of course he was going places when he was dreaming. He was a beautiful soul equipped with all of the powers of the universe just like every other soul inhabiting the planet. For some reason, his soul saw fit to do its ‘philanthropic’ work, while he was sleeping, because he was not yet ready to be doing it during his waking hours. He laughed at how absurd that seemed, but at the same time, true. It was a truly magnificent day. He was experiencing the rain and the rain was experiencing him.



1. Brown Eyed Mystic - July 31, 2010

So many brilliant messages packed in one: the third-eye awakening, the communication with the nature, travelling in dreams, philanthropy–I was amazed at Yeonin! And I hope, rather, I know, there is a Yeonin in all of us–all we need to do is pay attention.


TheIntentionalSage - July 31, 2010

I really appreciate these comments, BrownEyed. They are definitely motivation to continue forging on with the ‘imaginings.’ Thank You!

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

2. Aaron - July 31, 2010

rain have different meanings for different people. The sad people feel it is tear .The happy people feel it is amrita.

I personally like the rain very much!

TheIntentionalSage - July 31, 2010

Thank you, Aaron, for drawing to our attention the importance and meaning of rain to different cultures. When this ‘Imagining’ was happening, I hadn’t considered the cross-cultural effects. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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