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Balance to Joy July 29, 2010

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Up, down, up, down, sideways, under, over, left, right… Many of the people that Vinitia (pronounced vin-ee-sha) had heard about through her great-grandparents were people that were unable to maintain a healthy balance of life. They were, in essence, all over the place. Some people would work 40 hours a week, or more, doing something that they didn’t like because they felt obligated. Vinitia always felt that this was strange. Why would someone do something all week long with about 1/2 of their waking hours, if they didn’t like it?

It was absurd for Vinitia to think of doing something like this. She was only interested in doing the things that she liked to do and rightfully so. She knew that doing what you love to do is part of what makes you a sane person. The people that her grandparents told her about made her be very grateful that she was raised by the parents she was raised by. Parents who let her figure things out on her own and allowed her to be her own person. Parents that allowed her to do what it was that she wanted to. Parents that allowed her to explore her own whims and desires. Parents that understood, if they forced her to do anything, it would only make her resent it.

Vinitia also understood a very important part that was something her grandparents didn’t tell her, but something she could feel through their words – perception. Many of the people that Vinitia learned about seemed to not only have an imbalance (or many) in their lives, they also seemed to have skewed perception about life. The people that she learned of seemed to not be able to understand that it was natural to have a emotions and that these emotions needed to be respected, honored, and allowed. That is to say, it is not healthy and balanced to repress one’s emotions. For some reason, the societal norms and mores of the cultures of her great-grandparents (and before) seemed to be such that emotions were not validated.

Vinitia thought that this was rather strange. Emotions are natural and inherent to the body. Joy is one’s natural state of being, so why would someone repress or, gasp, reject the feeling of joy? Anger is important because it helps move energy through the body – it also assists in making decisions. Worry is important because without worry, one wouldn’t think anything over. Fear is important because without fear, humans likely would have long since been extinct from the planet. Grief is important, too, and even more important to experience in the moment. For instance, if someone close to you dies, Vinitia knew, it was important to experience the grief in the moment, so that when one reflected back on the time spent with that close person, one would only remember the positive memories (and not remember feeling the grief).

These so-called negative emotions were not meant to be long-term. They are more instantaneous. They all served a purpose, Vinitia thought. They all helped move energy through the body and allowed one to be in a state of balance.

A rather important emotion, joy, was the only one that was meant to be felt for extended periods of time and when Vinitia first came to this conclusion, she realized that it wasn’t for obvious reasons. One might think joy should be felt because it is a ‘positive’ or happy emotion. While this is all good and well, and one of the reasons that Vinitia thought initially, she knew that this couldn’t just be it. There had to be something more to it. She spent a lot of time thinking (or some might say, worrying) about it until she came to a conclusion that fit. When she came to this conclusion she knew that it had to be it because she could feel the ‘rightness’ of it throughout her body.

Joy is an emotion that is meant to be felt for longer periods of time because it is connected to one’s heart. When one is feeling joy (not happiness), one is in touch with one’s heart. Vinitia understood that this wasn’t just the physical heart, but also the energetic heart. When one is expressing their true heart’s desire, they will have a much easier time of being in a state of joy. Vinitia, by being the person she was, by being in balance, by being healthy, she was experience a state of joy. She knew it. And everyone she interacted with wherever she went, knew it. Vinitia personified joy.

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