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Cherished Cedar Creations July 28, 2010

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Lumbriggio (pronounced lum-bridge-ee-oh) loved to create things with his hands. He was always designing something of some sort. Mostly, he would spend his time helping people to design the way that they wanted to set-up the way that they lived off of the land. He would sit down with the couple (or family) and help them set out just what it is that they wanted from their dream-home. Specifically, he would outline the best place to have trees, plants, food-bearing plants/trees, where the house should go in position to the rest of things, where it was most optimal to have water, etc.

This is what he did because he loved to do it. He was quite gifted at being able to piece together the energy of various things and arrange them in such a way that they were able to thrive in the environment together. He had helped hundreds of families put together their glade over the years. There wasn’t a single family that he had helped who wasn’t happy with the job that he had done for them.

Lumbriggio attributed this to the fact that he never bull-dozed over his clients and most importantly, he didn’t think of his clients as clients. To him, the people he worked with were like family. He used this mindset because he was, in essence, helping these people build their family. The land that a person lives on needs to be able to service them. Lumbriggio found this to be very important and he would always tell his ‘family’ this when they would sit down to begin designing the layout of the land.

This was what Lumbriggio did most of the time, but he made sure that he had a healthy balance. He was excellent with his hand. It was as if anything he touched became successful and this may be part of the reason that he had become so adept at helping people set-up their land. There was something that Lumbriggio felt very passionate about, which wasn’t the helping of people to set-up their land that he liked to do in his spare time – wood. Lumbriggio loved to walk through the forest and look for fallen trees. He would drag back these trees, almost always some form of Cedar tree, so that he could take the wood from the tree and design some sort of magnificent addition to someone’s home. It was part of what he did for the families that he helped. He would offer some people a piece of art that he would design similar to what some people might find on the island of Bali. With other families, he would design maybe a table to put in a room in their house or a chair to sit in, while enjoying the outside air.

For some reason, Lumbriggio found that there was a unique quality to the cedar trees that he would use to make things. He had used lots of different kinds of trees before, but they were nothing like the cedar trees he used. It was as if there was some inherent healing property present in the cedar trees. At first, he thought it was some sort of coincidence when he first started making cedar creations to give to people, but then he noticed that they started to have old injuries magically heal! It seemed so odd that it would be as a result of the cedar, but he heard about family after family who had mysterious instances of this healing. After awhile, he had nothing left to conclude – it had to be the cedar.

It was for this reason that when he went into the forest, he almost always looked to see if there were cedar trees that had fallen recently that he could use. However, if there weren’t, he understood that this was okay. The family he was going to be designing a cedar creation for must not be in need of the healing or it might not be the right time for it. Lumbriggio had been around long enough to know that nature wasn’t random. Everything that he had ever been exposed to in the natural world may have seemed to be purposeless, but he knew otherwise. Too many synchronistic events had happened in his life for him to believe otherwise.

When it came time for him to head into the forest late in the evening, Lumbriggio put on his forest footwear and began hiking. As he got deeper and deeper into the forest he remember why he loved coming into the forest so much – that sweet smell of the outside. All of the wonderful smells blending together were intoxicating so much so that it caused him to stop and close his eyes in an effort to appreciate the moment he was being given. When he opened his eyes he realized he was facing a different direction and as he glanced down – a cedar tree. A joyful smile opened across the face of Lumbriggio – someone was going to be healed.



1. Brown Eyed Mystic - July 28, 2010

Another lovely post! I was intrigued into reading more about Lumbriggio and the Cedar. You created a beautiful piece indeed, with the help of nature and imagination.


TheIntentionalSage - July 29, 2010

Imagination is definitely a big part of what is happening. Sometimes, I start out with ‘marking some tags,’ in where I intend to have the story to go and by the end, I have to remove the tags and add different ones. 😛

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

2. Christina Cronk - July 29, 2010

I love the smell of cedar, and could smell it in my mind as I read this. Beautiful!

TheIntentionalSage - July 29, 2010

Cedar does have a very distinct scent. My partner and I intend to have a house made of cedar before it’s all said and done. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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