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Treasures Overflowing on the Sandy Shore July 26, 2010

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Kazulia (pronounced ka-zool-yah) opened the drawer where she kept most of her jewelry (or jewellery) and began looking through what she had. She always liked to don some sort of fashionable accessory before she left the place where she lived. The kinds of jewelry that she had and that most people she knew had was the kind of jewelry that you made on your own. That is to say, no one ‘purchased’ jewelry from a store – they made it themselves. It was much more appropriate in Kazulia’s time for people to spend some time each month creating something wonderful to accessorize with. As she continued to look at what she had, she was realizing that nothing really caught her eye, so she knew that it must be time to head down to the beach.

At the beach, she would find all kinds of shells, rocks, and crystals, that she would eventually make into some form of jewelry. On this particular occasion at the beach, she did as she always had done. When she got the beach, she took some time to be quiet on the beach, listening to the waves as they crested and then met the shore. It was all so soothing and relaxing. Kazulia knew that it was immensely important that when she was walking the beach for jewelry potential to be in a very relaxed state of mind. It was in these states of mind that she would commonly find her greatest center-pieces or her favo[u]rite pieces.

Kazulia felt that she had reached an acceptable state of relaxation, so she got up and began walking down the shore. For some reason, she was being pulled closer to the water, which was odd. She usually did most of her treasure-hunting farther away from the water and much more inland. Well, she had been around long enough and doing this for a period of time such that she knew when she got inklings like this to follow them. With that, instead of starting diagonally walking to the water (and forwards), she made a hard turn and began walking straight for the water. This seemed odd to her as she did it, but she figured that there must have been some kind of a reason for her body to have such a strong urge to go directly towards the water.

As she got closer to the water, the feeling inside she had was much stronger. It was almost as if something was pulling her like a magnet to the area that she was going. When she got the where she was going, or so she thought she was to go, she looked down… lying in the sand was a deep purple crystal! She had never seen a crystal before on these times that she spent on the beach. It was almost as if someone put the crystal there for her to find. It was remarkable. She later came to know that it was called an amethyst. It was so lovely to look at and it had some sort of quality to it as she held it in her hand. When she picked it up, it felt as if it had some sort of connection to her.

Kazulia put it in her pocket and she continued on down the shoreline. She found a few rocks that were yellowish that she thought were pretty, so she put those in her pocket, too. She came across some shells that had some red-coloring to them, which she thought were unique, so she also put those in her pocket. This had been quite a day for her at the beach being able to find all of this potential jewelry.

Before she left, she decided that she would lie on the soft sandy beach and re-live some of the moments that she had acquiring the pieces she did. She relived the moment of finding the Amethyst, finding some of the yellow rocks (or stones), and of course, the reddish shells. In doing all this, she was literally taken back to the moment that it happened. She always thought that this was a rather fun kind of game to play. When she would reflect back on something that had happened to her previously such that she was able to feel like she was actually back in that moment again.

After a few laughs in remembering other times in her life, Kazulia collected her treasures and began walking home. With all of the stuff that she found, she was sure that she’d be able to make a couple of rings, a few necklaces and at least one bracelet. It was a great day.

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