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Healing Hands Harmonize Health July 26, 2010

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They were both lying next to each other on the bed that they had made together years prior. They used many of the natural things that existed in and around where they built their home. Not just a structure on a plot of land, but a home filled with love, light, and wellness. The land itself was home. Being on the land it was made them both feel safe, secure, and protected. All of the love that they used when they planted the various trees, flowers, and herbs, was now being given back to them – tenfold.

On this particular evening, though, Frachinelli (pronounced frah-kin-ell-ee) wasn’t feeling as well as she usually did. She spent a lot of time laying in bed allowing her body to do its best to heal itself. She drank lots of water and consequently, allowed a lot of water to pass through her. She knew that this was important because the water was able to carry out the toxins from her body. She must have drank at least 4 litres of water and it was only mid-afternoon! From where the bed was, she was able to see outside – a feature that was mandatory for her when she was designing the bedroom.

Frachinelli wanted to be able to see the sunrise while lying in bed – not an overly demanding request, but still something that she loved to do. Given that the sun rose so early in the morning where she lived, she wanted the luxury of lying in bed, just opening her eyes, and very much mirroring the same activity as the sun. To her, the sunrise was like the sun just opening its eyes to the day. As she peered out into nature, she was able to see him enjoying the outside. Her lovely man, Hodine (pronounced ho-dean).

The two of them had a clear understanding with each other that just because one person’s body was healing toxins didn’t mean that the other person had to ‘stay inside with them.’ They felt that this was a pretty sound agreement and throughout the years, there had been times when Hodine’s body was taking care of itself, which allowed Frachinelli to frolic in the tall grasses.

Even though Frachinelli’s body was healing itself and Hodine had no “obligation” to stay with her, of course, he didn’t stray too far from the house because he enjoyed checking in on her and seeing what he could help her with. Likewise, she had always done the same for him. Their relationship had grown through the years into a wonderful partnership. They loved each other, but they allowed each other the appropriate autonomy to live their own lives the way they wanted to. That is to say, there was no unhealthy co-dependence.

She watched as Hodine rolled around in the grass with their dog, Deeny (pronounced dee-nee). This brought a smile to her face, which she knew was useful for the healing process. Laughing and smiling helped to foster an environment for the healing cells in the body. She continued to smile and almost as if on cue, Hodine turned to face the direction of the house. Her smile grew bigger and the feeling in her heart was lighter. She had the feeling in her heart that one usually gets when they see a baby or they see a puppy. These kinds of feelings, like the feelings of laughter and joy, also help contribute to the healing process. Frachinelli knew that she was on the right track.

Hodine got up from where he was playing with Deeny and began walking towards the house. As he got closer to the house, he picked a few raspberries from one of the bushes and picked a few grapes off of one of the nearby vines. One of Hodine’s favo[u]rite parts of where they lived was all of the fresh fruit that was abundant on their land. Nearly all of the fruit there was planted by Hodine or by Frachinelli.

Hodine walked into the room and climbed onto the bed. She turned to face him and he knew what was to happen next. His hands began to move towards her head and one of them moved to the left side of her head, while the other one moved to the right side of her head. As this happened, she began to relax into a deep state and said to him, “Mmm, your touch is like medicine.” He smiled. Love was bountiful and it was everywhere.

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